Orion Strategies polls West Virginians on the shutdown, border wall, coal and more

CHARLESTON, W.V. – A new poll in West Virginia by Orion Strategies surveyed the opinions of historic likely voters across the state on a number of issues of concern.

When asked if West Virginia voters believe that the United States should spend $5 Billion to erect a wall on the border with Mexico, 56% responded that America should do so. Only 38% said no, with 6% undecided. By gender, men support spending the $5 Billion to erect
a wall with 63% supporting and 32% opposed. Women’s support of the wall is not as wide, but still the survey still finds 49% supporting it with 44% opposed.

Respondents were also asked who deserves the most blame for the partial federal government shutdown. Almost half of likely voters (49%) blame Congressional Democrats. A third of respondents (33%) found President Trump most to blame, with 16% undecided and 2% blaming Congressional Republicans. Within gender breakdowns, 52% of men blame Congressional Democrats as opposed to only 26% blaming the President. Women were more even – with 46% blaming Congressional Democrats and 40% blaming the President.

Along party lines, 52% of Democrats in West Virginia blame the President for the shutdown while 28% blame Congressional members of their own party. Independents strongly find blame with Congressional Democrats (60%) over the President (22%). While 71% of West Virginia Republicans find blame with the Congressional Democrats, only 14% of the party places the most blame with the President.

When asked if Mountain State voters believe that President Trump is bringing back coal jobs to the levels promised during his presidential campaign, the results were statistically tied at 42% responding yes, 43% responding no, and 15% unsure.

The President’s job approval rating stands at 57%, up six points from a similar poll taken one year ago, and equal to the approval numbers he enjoyed in the state from an early 2017 survey. Further, if the 2020 General Election were held today, 55% of West Virginia’s voters would vote to re-elect President Trump.

Senator Capito, who will be running for re-election in 2020, presently enjoys a 55% positive job approval rating and only 37% negative.

Additional results will be released regarding the direction of the state and numerous issues before the West Virginia Legislature including teacher pay raises and legalizing marijuana.

The live-interview telephone survey was conducted among historic, likely voters in West Virginia. A total of 310 respondents completed the entire survey – giving the survey a 5.57+/- margin of error with a 95 percent confidence rate. The sample was proportionate to each of the three congressional districts in the state. Both cell phones and landline telephones were called in all 55 counties. Partisan registration among respondents was 45 percent Democratic, 34 percent Republican and 20 percent Independent. The poll was conducted January 12, 2019.



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