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All the information that you submit is 100% encrypted and processed by one of the largest payment processors in the world. This is an SSL encrypted payment. We work hard to protect your data!

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Sure! Our monthly memberships offer a one-month free trial. If you don’t think My Buckhannon is totally awesome, just cancel before your first billing cycle.

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Heck no! We are 100 percent locally owned and operated. Your money stays in the community, supporting other local businesses and organizations. Brian, Katie and Monica are all from right here in Buckhannon. We grew up here, went to school here and have chosen to make our homes here.

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Canceling is easy. Just click on your Account Dashboard, select your membership and tap cancel. We’d hate to see you go, though!

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Our ecommerce store offers lots of fun things for purchase, from photo posters of Upshur County to works from local artisans. Members get free shipping on most items, plus various other discounts. We’re slowly expanding what we’ve got for sale, so check back often to see the latest arrivals.

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Yes. All our memberships renew at their regular rates. You can cancel anytime — just go to your account dashboard to see when your membership is up for renewal and to cancel.

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The MyBucks Community Rewards Program is our way of saying thanks for supporting both My Buckhannon and other local businesses. You earn points for purchasing subscriptions and products off our store, and can redeem those MyBucks for future discounts. Members also receive several other special perks.