Volunteers with Upshur County Trails are now selling these decals to raise money for trail maintenance and more.

Upshur Trails group selling decals to raise money for upkeep as more users flock to trails

BUCKHANNON – Upshur County Trails volunteer Rachel Garton Weber shared important news about the group with My Buckhannon on Tuesday saying that she is happy to report a significant increase in trail use – including more local people and folks from the surrounding counties.

Weber recently posted a picture of a sticker designed to sell and raise money for trail projects and described the response as overwhelming. She said to start with, she ordered 50 of the decals and had intended on selling them for a donation of $3 or more – enough to cover the cost of making them and a little extra to help raise funds for upcoming Upshur County Trails projects.

“I had a logo made and that is what is on the stickers,” Weber said. “We like stickers and thought it would be good to have a logo for some future projects. I wanted to do a fundraiser and have had a wonderful response. I originally ordered 50 stickers, and people are making donations. I have run out of the first 50 stickers, so I have ordered another 100.”

Weber said when the stickers arrive, several businesses have offered to help sell them including Stone Tower Brews in Buckhannon and Joey’s Bike Shop in Elkins.

“We have had a tremendous response. People in this community are just excited about the trails and really want them,” Weber said. “They are happy to support them. We have some ideas for some upcoming fundraisers to help with the trails, but they are not yet ‘set in stone.’”

She said along with the decals, she has talked with a local retailer in Buckhannon and said soon they will be selling T-shirts with the new logo.

Weber said she has been blown away by the amazing support Upshur County Trails has received from the City of Buckhannon, the Upshur County Commission and the Upshur County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“The City of Buckhannon has entered into a lease with an adjoining landowner to allow expansion of the trail system at the county park,” Weber said. “This will also allow for an expansion of the River Walk Trail as well. They are going to start building more trails in phases.”

Once a month, the Upshur County Trails group sponsors a Trail Work Day and in July, that will be on Saturday, July 11 beginning at 1 p.m. In June, Weber said there were about a dozen folks who came out to help.

“This is our second one this season. Last month, people came with their weed eaters, loppers, pruners and we worked to rid the trail of weeds, so it is more user-friendly,” she said. “Some people helped pick up litter along the trail – it’s just what people are comfortable doing to help.”

The Upshur County Trails, located in southern Upshur County near Buckhannon-Upshur High School, has nearly six miles of trails where folks enjoy hiking, walking, running and cycling. Members of the Upshur County Trail group have worked to make sure the trails are well-marked and that any hazards are tagged. They have also added many native wildflowers to enhance the beauty of nature on the network of trails.

Weber said people can keep up with activities by joining the Upshur County Trails Facebook page or by emailing Weber at rachelfweber@yahoo.com.

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