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Gillyweed Soda made its debut Thursday at Stone Tower Brews, a couple weeks ahead of STB's Harry Potter-themed Halloween Wizarding Week. / Photo courtesy Courtney Page

Accio, butterbeer: STB plans Harry Potter-themed Wizarding Week over Halloween

BUCKHANNON – Stone Tower Brews will conjure up Harry Potter-themed drinks, pastries and food specials to celebrate Wizarding Week for Halloween.

Stone Tower Brews manager Courtney Page said they decided to celebrate Halloween for a whole week this year, from Oct. 26 at 7 a.m. to Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. by bringing the Wizarding World to Buckhannon.

“For the past few years, we’ve done our spicy week for Halloween, and we have been wanting to do something different ever since last year and we’re all a bunch of nerds here, so our sous chef actually has the Harry Potter cookbook and everything,” Page said. “We’re really excited to do something different and also excited to just do an event in general. We’ve had to cancel all of our events since COVID, so this is a way for us to be able to do an event, but then also keep it socially distanced, and everything will be available for takeout.”

Wizarding week will feature special, limited time drinks and specials straight from Diagon Alley, such as butterbeer, witches’ brew and gillyweed soda.

“We decided to do something different and we’ve had employees go to Harry Potter World and have the butterbeer, so we wanted to make a butterbeer that would taste like that,” Page said. “With the gillyweed, we just wanted to do something weird, different and delicious and then the witches’ brew, we do that pretty much every Halloween, but it’s caramel apple and it’s delicious.”

The butterbeer soda is available now at STB! / Photo courtesy Courtney Page

The gillyweed soda will have desert pear, blue curacao, a little bit of Irish cream with Perrier soda, and a splash of macadamia milk. The butterbeer soda will feature vanilla soda and caramel tossed with heavy cream and butterscotch topping. The sodas will be available before Wizarding Week – the butterbeer is available now, the gillyweed soda made its debut Thursday, Oct. 15 and witches’ brew will be available next week.

“Something really cool is that we partner with Dough Re Mi, and they’re going to make us Harry Potter desserts for the entire pastry case, so our dessert selection will be Harry Potter-themed items,” Page said.

Those pastries will include butterbeer cheesecake, fire whiskey blondies, pumpkin pasties, sorting hat cupcakes, HP house sugar cookie bars, fizzing whizbee brownies and treacle tart bars.

The witches’ brew, an STB Halloween staple, will return next week. / Photo courtesy Courtney Page

Stone Tower Brews will also offer several food specials throughout the week including dragon and phoenix rice bowl, pot roast bread bowl and creature’s French onion soup. Taco Tuesday will offer Buckbeak tacos and the Fishy Friday special will be the Black Lake plate (fish and chips) and the Waffle Weekend special will be golden snitch cheesecake waffles.

Stay tuned to Stone Tower Brews’s Facebook page for daily updates on Wizarding Week.

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