Foster’s Marketing Group announces spots available for vendors at 2024 Strawberry Festival

BUCKHANNON — Vendors looking to sell their goods – and good eats – during the 82nd annual Strawberry Festival in Buckhannon have a new opportunity to secure spots.

The lot at the corner of Main and Spring streets, owned by Travis Foster of Foster’s Marketing Group, is now open for vendors, both food and non-food, during this year’s edition of the annual West Virginia Strawberry Festival. This year’s Mardi Gras-themed event is scheduled for May 11-May 19.

Foster explained the background behind this new offering.

“My lot, the corner lot, has been in the planning stage for several years to make it a universal lot for many different activities, which consisted of being able to have food trucks and vendors set up,” he said. “I’ve had all the equipment for years sitting in the building, and this year we finally got to the phase where we start developing that plan.”

“We didn’t know that it would be ready by the time the Strawberry Festival came, but luckily, it happened that it is,” Foster added. “We felt that it was a pretty good timing. The Strawberry Festival is growing with vendors, and we are able to be in a position to allow vendors to set up on our lot, whether it be food vendors or non-food vendors. We are offering spots to local (Upshur County resident) vendors first.”

Foster emphasized the convenience and amenities available at the corner lot, saying, “I feel that the corner lot is probably one of the best spots around to do this and provide a variety of food and crafts.”

Foster also explained that he has been in contact with Strawberry Festival officials and is working alongside the Strawberry Festival planners to ensure a fun and exciting festival for everyone.

Interested vendors can contact the Foster’s Marketing Group office at 1-800-633-9266 and ask for Stephanie to sign up and get all the details they need. Foster also said the pricing and regulations for vendors would mimic those of the Strawberry Festival, including application rules, insurance, setup fees, licensing and permits.

“We have a water source on-site, we have sewage, a gray water dump on-site, we have fully functional power boxes as needed, and 24/7 surveillance. It’s a fully functional lot,” Foster said.

To learn more about the Strawberry Festival and its activities, live music, delicious food, and unique vendors, visit its website or keep up-to-date on Facebook.

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