Pictured above, from left, is Bill Dempsey CEO, Leslie Short, R.N., and Janak Patel, M.D. / Photo courtesy Davis Health System

Snowshoe Foundation donates AccuView Vein Finder to Webster County Memorial Hospital

Webster Springs, W.Va. — In early February, Webster County Memorial Hospital received a grant from the Snowshoe Foundation to purchase an AccuView Vein Finder. The AccuView Vein Finder will make a significant difference in patient care when it comes to intravenous access sites.

Pictured is how AccuView illuminates veins under skin. / Photo courtesy Davis Medical System

When a patient has low blood pressure or poor vein visibility the ability to perform intravenous meds, IV fluids, or blood draws for labs becomes very difficult. The device illuminates a map of peripheral veins on the skin’s surface with the goal of improving venipuncture. The AccuView Vein finder makes Webster County Memorial Hospital’s mission to deliver quality, emergent care to their community possible. Samantha Riffle, Administrative Assistant at Webster Memorials states:

“Webster County Memorial Hospital would like to thank the Snowshoe Foundation for the generous donation. The impact of the grant for the AccuView Vein Finder has been significant. This has greatly enhanced our mission to deliver quality, emergent care to our community in such a critical and timely way.”  

The AccuView Vein Finder has reported 3.5 times better first time stick improvement, a reduction in patient discomfort by 39%, and a reduction in wasted medical supplies. Riffle, also stated:

“The AccuView Vein Finder has made it so much easier and even possible the first time to get all things done painlessly and quickly. The patient is saved “blind” attempts, the AccuView Vein Finder helps find an available vein on very sick and dehydrated patients.”

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