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Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital offering free vein screening in April

WESTON, W.Va. – On Monday, April 4, Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, in Weston, will offer a free vein screening. The screening provides information about the vein health of the patient, and whether further service is needed to alleviate any problems. Ferdinand C. Martinez, MD will conduct the screening.

The screening will be from 2 – 4 p.m. at the Mon Health Vein Care Center located on the first floor of the Hospital. Availability is limited, so interested parties should call 304-517-1272 to reserve their spot.

During the testing, patients will view a short video and hear a presentation by Dr. Martinez. Each patient is then taken to an exam room individually for an ultrasound of the legs. From that testing, it will be determined whether the patient should return for a full evaluation.

The screening can indicate varicose veins which are extremely common and often overlooked. This condition affects over 30 million Americans, yet only about 1.9 million seek treatment. Varicose veins are bulging, dilated veins that are caused by malfunctioning venous valves, which are one-way valves that prevent blood from flowing backward. When valves malfunction, blood flows in the opposite direction, causing veins to enlarge to accommodate the increased volume of blood. This problem is also known as venous reflux.

Other common symptoms of venous disease include aching leg pain, rash on the legs, or burning or itching of the skin. Many people also experience tired legs, heaviness, and swelling. The most advanced form of venous disease includes swelling, darkening of the skin, and skin ulceration (open sores). The goal of the vein screening is to help people deal with the symptoms and enjoy a healthier life.

For more information about Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, visit StonewallJacksonHospital.org.

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