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Artist Sheri Gaudet poses for a photo in front of her most recently commissioned mural. / (Photo by Lily Hicks)

Local muralist Sheri Gaudet pays tribute to Upshur County’s heroes and heroines

BUCKHANNON – Buckhannon’s streets are adorned with a new mural, a vibrant tapestry of colors and stories paying homage to the community’s heroes.

Sheri Gaudet, a local muralist, recently shared her journey into the world of art, her passion for large-scale projects, and the inspiration behind her latest masterpiece honoring health care workers, law enforcement officers, and U.S. Armed Forces members and veterans.

Gaudet, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, or VCU, revealed that her artistic journey began at a young age but really took off as she got older.

“I went to VCU in Richmond, Virginia, and I’ve always loved art, which is why I went to school for it,” she said. “I would come home with canvases that I could barely fit in my car, so this mural thing is definitely what I love to do.”

Her passion for painting serves as a therapeutic outlet.

“When I have things that are bothering me, like my dad just passing away, I love to paint,” she said. “It gets me out of my head.”

Another view of Gaudet’s murals. (Photo by Lily Hicks)

Having painted various Strawberry Festival windows and smaller projects, Gaudet acknowledged that the current mural near the Foster’s Marketing Group plaza is her most significant undertaking to date. 

“I’m definitely a muralist; I’ve always wanted to do big things,” she said. “This mural kind of stands as a testament to my love of larger-than-life canvases.”

Gaudet’s creative process involves collaboration with clients to bring their visions to life.

“I ask what the person wants, and we work together on it, trying to make their images come true,” she explained. “I also don’t draw anything ahead of time. All of my work is free-hand.”

The newly finished mural, a heartfelt tribute to many people, including her late father, a homicide detective, incorporates elements honoring various community members.

“Travis Foster and I, who commissioned me to paint this, just tried to honor everyone that we could think of,” she stated.

The artist also hinted at additional upcoming projects, including more murals, but despite her busy schedule, Gaudet remains committed to her craft.

“I’m pretty busy all the time, but especially now with Christmas,” she said. “Everybody wants something for Christmas,” she said.

As Buckhannon’s mural scene continues to evolve, Gaudet’s hopes her work stands as a testament to the power of art in honoring local heroes and bringing communities together.

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