Highways opens 2019 online grant application system for non-traditional transportation projects

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Division of Highways is pleased to announce the opening of our online grant application system for FY 2019 Transportation Alternatives (TA) and Recreational Trails Program (RTP) potential projects. A direct link to the page is http://dohgrants.wv.gov/Account/LogOn.

The application process has two phases: an Intent-to-Apply (ITA) Phase and an Application Phase. All applicants must first be registered and then complete and submit an online ITA for the project for which funding is sought. When the ITA is approved by the WVDOH grant staff, then the applicant will be allowed to complete and submit an online Application. No paper ITA’s or Applications will be accepted. Detailed instructions for the completion of the ITA and Application can be found at the website listed above.

Please take note:

  1. Applicants may apply for the following phases either individually or together, as follows:
  2. Design Phase. The applicant may apply for a Design Phase award in order to fund the full development of the design plans and National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) clearance. This approach would provide the applicant with a more accurate estimate of funding needed for the Construction Phase; in addition, potential problems that may slow or even render a project infeasible could be identified during the Design Phase. This method also applies to projects in the early planning stages, i.e., those projects that are not yet mature enough in concept for Construction Phase funding to be estimated and, thus awarded. Applicants whose projects are determined feasible following the Design Phase would then be encouraged to apply for a Construction Phase award in a subsequent grant cycle. Having full designs approved by the WVDOH would increase the likelihood of a Construction Phase award.
  3. Construction Phase. Should an applicant wish to design the project using the applicant’s own funds and/or staff prior to submitting the application for a Construction Phase award, this is allowable as well. This option will also improve the chances of the Application for a Construction Phase award being recommended since the design, cost estimate and materials information necessary for NEPA evaluation will be on hand, making it likely that the project could move quickly into the Construction Phase.
  4. Design and Construction Phases. Applicants who believe they have a project ready for development may combine Design and Construction Phase funding requests in a single Application. Previously funded projects moving into the next phase, and projects that have already been subjected to a feasibility study are two examples of such projects. If, upon review, WVDOH staff believes that the project should be developed through the Design Phase prior to awarding Construction Phase funds, an adjusted amount of funding may be awarded to complete the Design Phase. In this case the applicant would be encouraged to apply for a Construction Phase award in a subsequent grant cycle.
  5. Right-of-Way Phase. Applicants wishing to secure grant funding for the purchase of a rail corridor or historic transportation facility may apply for a Design, Right of Way, and Construction Phase award in a single Application. However, due to the lengthy time to obtain a fair market value appraisal and to complete the negotiations that accompany property purchase, we encourage applicants to apply only for the initial purchase of the property, and then for Design and Construction Phase awards in subsequent grant cycles.
  6. Potential projects located within Economically Distressed Areas or At-Risk Areas as defined by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) are eligible for 100% Federal funding. Please follow the link below to see if your potential project site is located in either an Economically Distressed Area or an At-Risk Area. ARC Map:

The above TA and RTP information is further defined in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. The FAQ may be found at http://dohgrants.wv.gov/Account/LogOn. We encourage anyone applying for a TA or RTP award to examine the FAQ for clarification and detailed explanations of many aspects of the grant programs.

The ITA Phase will be closed at 4 p.m. on April 26, 2019. The Application Phase will be closed at 4 p.m. on May 31, 2019. Please check your email and the online application system concerning your ITA or Application as it is the responsibility of the applicant to track the progress of the applicant’s own submission(s). Also, please be sure to review any email notifications as there may be suggestions from the WVDOH grant staff regarding your project’s ITA or Application.

Please feel free to share this information with any interested, eligible parties.

If you have any technical questions regarding the online ITA, Application, accessing the system or need assistance in getting registered, please contact Ms. Melisa Green at Melisa.J.Green@wv.gov or by phone at (304) 558-9600.

Should you have any questions regarding the TA, please contact Mr. Mark Scoular at R.Mark.Scoular@wv.gov or by phone at (304) 558-9616.

If you have any questions regarding the RTP, please contact Mr. Ken Given at Kenneth.T.Given@wv.gov or by phone at (304) 558-9292.

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