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Key to Adam
Key to Adam performs at the Infamous Art Collective's November exhibit. / All photos by Tyler Hall

Dear Neighbor: Buckhannon’s Infamous Art Collective rolls out the red carpet for artists, provides immersive art experience

BUCKHANNON — Truthful, provocative, experimental, unabashed.

These are but a few of the words that begin to describe the newest art installment hosted by the Infamous Art Collective, “A November to Remember: A Retrospective Fine Art Exhibition.”

The collective, whose name is derived from a piece of Upshur County history, has grown into a group of nearly 30 unique artists. The amalgamation of various influences and artistic mediums helps to create an all-encompassing, immersive experience. Not only are there art pieces you might expect to see hanging upon the walls, but there are also items you might not anticipate — sculptures, silent films, original foley soundtracks and much more.

The Nov. 20 gallery opening marked the eighth installment for the Infamous Art Collective and featured a “Red Carpet” theme. Artists and onlookers entered the gallery dressed to the nines and the soothing sounds of a live performance from Key to Adam’s Adam Moyer and Kiara Williams cemented the air of class.

Within 20 minutes of the doors opening, the floor was filled with nearly 40 people sporting their dapper apparel and enjoying the flutes of champagne and impressive spread of hors d’oeuvres that had been provided. There was a warmness to the crowd, and sense of ease that drew one in and afforded the comfort to stay. I found myself circling the floor as I casually perused the vast array of mixed media art hanging upon the walls. Each lap offered some new insight or admiration for the pieces, and I found myself enthralled by the entire production of the event.

In time, I withdrew outside to catch some fresh air and write some of my own notes when I was met with the opportunity to talk to Tim Hibbs, one of the main forces behind the Infamous Art Collective and the founder of the Blaxxmith Shop Gallery.

“We want to put the impetus on the art, and escape from the constraints of art for money,” Tim described as we discussed both the previous “Halloween” installment as well as the newest red-carpet event.

“This eighth show is a retrospective exhibition,” Tim continued, explaining that not only would onlookers be graced with new pieces for the month of November, but also pieces from the previous gallery displays as well.

“We have about a three-week turnaround that helps keep the artist sharp and producing,” Tim said. And as we continued to discuss the growing collective and his work with the Blaxxmith Shop, Tim paid great reverence to his wife Sasha Hibbs as well as Steve and Bobbi Halterman. Their work together is what continues to keep the gallery doors open for artists and onlookers, he said.

Upon re-entering the exhibit, I felt compelled to search for Steve and discuss the finer points of his audio work. Luckily, I was able to find him within the small music studio that is housed in the back of the gallery space. I was set to a feverish excitement at the sight of a reel-to-reel tape recorder, mixing boards, and a plethora of instruments.

Steve, a member of the band Wildman Band of Thieves, and the Snatchburg Boys, discussed his high hopes of progressing to the point of being able to offer recording services for full bands in the future. It was also his work that created the original 50-minute foley soundtrack that accompanied the October exhibit.

When I finally left the establishment, I walked away feeling as though I had experienced something more than a simple art gallery. In totality, the entire event felt like an all-encompassing experience, the likes of which I’d never known. I deeply encourage anyone interested in art, whether it be visual or auditory, to treat themselves to a visit to 38 Main Street. Moreover, keep your eyes and ears alert for the December exhibition date. I’m sure the theme will be executed with great taste.

Stacy McLaughlin Painting
Stacy McLaughlin Painting
Tim Hibbs Painting
Tim Hibbs Painting
Heather Coleman Painting
Heather Coleman Painting
Hors D'oeuvres
Hors D’oeuvres
My Buckhannon columnist Tyler Hall is a Buckhannon local whose enthusiastic interests include, but are not limited to music, gaming, public service and literature.

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