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Davis Medical Center receives award for Nuclear Medicine Regulatory Safety Protocols

ELKINS, W.Va.— Davis Medical Center’s Radiology Department recently received an award for complying with the Nuclear Regulatory Safety Protocols. The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) regulates the safety of nuclear materials, and performs inspections every three years.  NRC inspects multiple areas that include; training of personnel, radiation protection, radiation dose records, and security of nuclear materials.

Nuclear Medicine is a specialty branch of Radiology imaging that uses radiopharmaceuticals to assess organ function and to help diagnose and treat diseases.  Radioisotopes are either injected, inhaled or ingested by patients for these imaging procedures.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists need to be board certified and required to complete continuing education requirements every 2 years.  In addition, the technologist at Davis Medical Center go through an annual DOT (department of transportation) and Radiation Safety Training Program that is conducted by our NPC (National Physics Consulting) group that comes for quarterly reviews.

Davis Medical Center does a wide range of exams that include; Nuclear Stress Testing, Hepatobiliary Imaging, Gastric Emptying Studies, Bone Scans, Thyroid & Parathyroid Imaging, Liver Imaging, Tumor Imaging, MUGA Scans, and Renal Scans. Most generally these procedures are covered by insurances, depending on the type of insurance.

For more information please contact Kimberly Wilfong, Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist, at 304.637.3286.

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