Crunch Time Week 4; Staff sold on B-U getting a win; outlook not so great for WVU

BUCKHANNON – A melancholy start to the column this week as we give our condolences to the family of Damon Moody.

Moody was a 16-year-old football player for Midland Trail who passed away Tuesday morning in a car accident in route to school. Always tough to see someone that young lose their life.

In other news, the best score of last Friday night was seeing George Washington take down the arrogant Hurricane Redskins by a 17-14 verdict. Wonder how much fun they had in that one, feeding off all the haters?

While the state is going to look at the new transfer rule, and hopefully abolish it when the House meets in January, there is already some blowback from state politicians about eliminating it.

Senate Education Committee Chair Amy Grady, R-Mason, said, “We haven’t given it time. In my opinion, we haven’t given it time to see if it’s going to work or if it’s not being successful. One week of high school football is not going to do it.”

Haven’t given it enough time? What? My response is to ask South Charleston if they need more time to figure out that losing a game 86-0 isn’t good for anybody.

In our little contest, I suffered my first and second losses of the season. Brian won the week with a 6-1 mark, but I still hold the overall lead at 19-2.

Beckie and Brian are tied for second at 18-3, while Katie is in fourth at 15-6 and Monica is fifth at 10-11.

A quick check of the My Buckhannon staff standings.

Name                  Week    Overall

Duane                 5-2         19-2

Beckie                 5-2         18-3

Brian                   6-1         18-3

Katie                    5-2         15-6

Monica               4-3         10-11

In the Scoreboard Showdown this week, we had five readers tied for the lead at 6-1. They were Jeremy Harsh, Kaleb Kowalkoski, Makenzie Michael, Jerry Abel and Traeton Long. Congrats to those five.

This week’s games can be found here. Get your picks in before the games kick off Friday night.

Now onto our games this week:

Buckhannon-Upshur (1-2) at Elkins (0-3)

The Bucs got pushed around by the Colts last week in their loss, but I look for B-U to rebound this week against Elkins. Elkins has struggled the last couple of years, but a win over the Bucs would make their season. For B-U, with Morgantown and University coming up on the schedule, this almost turns into a must in.

Duane: Buckhannon-Upshur; Beckie: Buckhannon-Upshur; Brian: Buckhannon-Upshur; Katie: Buckhannon-Upshur: Monica: Buckhannon-Upshur

Fairmont Senior (3-0) at Bridgeport (2-1)

While not a must-win for Bridgeport, with Brooke, Parkersburg South and Linsly still remaining on the Indian schedule, this game could be crucial if the Indians want to host any play-off games in November. Fairmont Senior is unbeaten on the season, but I think the Indians are more battle-tested this season.

Duane: Bridgeport;  Beckie: Fairmont Senior; Brian: Bridgeport; Katie: Bridgeport; Monica: Bridgeport

Pitt (1-1) at WVU (1-1)

WVU has shown flashes of having a pulse the season, but they are lacking in talent at so many spots. Pitt isn’t exactly coming into the game as gangbusters losing a 27-21 home game to Cincinnati. I have defended Neal Brown in the past, but I truly feel if he loses this game, he is gone. If he can’t beat a mediocre Pitt team at home, I don’t see much to salvage about this season.

Duane: Pitt; Beckie: Pitt; Brian: WVU; Katie: Pitt; Monica: Pitt

The Final Four:

Robert C. Byrd (0-2) at Preston (0-3)

Duane: Robert C. Byrd; Beckie: Robert C. Byrd; Brian: Robert C. Byrd; Katie: Robert C. Byrd; Monica: Robert C. Byrd

University (1-2) at Wheeling Park (2-0)

Duane: Wheeling Park; Beckie: University; Brian: Wheeling Park; Katie: Wheeling Park; Monica: University

Lewis County (2-1) at Roane County (3-0)

Duane: Roane County; Beckie: Lewis County; Brian: Roane County; Katie: Lewis County; Monica: Lewis County

Tennessee (2-0) at Florida (1-1)

Duane: Tennessee; Beckie: Tennessee; Brian: Tennessee; Katie: Tennessee; Monica: Florida

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