Clothes Closet’s October yard sale will be brimming with brand name — and brand new — clothing, other household goods

BUCKHANNON – Everyone enjoys shopping and people feel good when they help their neighbors in need. So, why not mark your calendars for the upcoming Clothes Closet Yard Sale scheduled for Friday, Oct. 1 and Saturday, Oct. 2 and help yourself to some bargains while helping others?

The Clothes Closet is located at 47 Sedgwick St. in Buckhannon, and it is a member of the Upshur Cooperative Parish Ministries. Director Kristi Lawrence Wilkerson said the yard sale will be comprised of only brand name fall and winter clothes and items, and the sale will be both days from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

“We are part of a very generous community, and that generosity has [resulted in] creating a little bit of a storage issue,” Wilkerson said. “We could not accept donations in August because our storage was so full. We have been looking for ways to get more of our items out for the community to have access to, and so we have discovered that many of our items are still brand-new with the original tags.”

Wilkerson said the solution is to host yard sales on the back porch of the Clothes Closet.

“While we still have nice weather, we are hoping to give the community access to those items as well,” she said. “They will be deeply discounted.”

While some of the items have never been worn before, there will be a selection of other gently used wares and seasonal offerings.

“There will also be other items such as holiday and seasonal items,” Wilkerson said, adding this will include primarily fall and winter items. “This is the third yard sale we have had in the last few months. We could have shoes, purses and kids’ items as well.”

Wilkerson said all of the funds raised by purchases made at the Clothes Closet are used to support the operating budget for the Parish House and special ministries or programs.

“This includes the backpack and school supplies we just completed,” Wilkerson explained. “It also supports our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter food boxes and things we do not do every day – but several times a year.”

Even though the Clothes Closet is a thrift store where folks may purchase new and gently used items, its main mission is to provide clothing to families in need. Wilkerson explained how the two purposes of the Clothes Closet complement one another.

“The primary focus of the Clothes Closet is to provide free clothing to families in need,” she said. “Folks who need clothing can come to the Parish House, located at 68 College Ave., and apply for a voucher for that. Those in need can get free clothing four times a year.

“Anyone and everyone is welcome to come shopping at the Clothes Closet and is welcome to shop at the yard sale,” she added. “The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the operating budget and the special programs we offer during the year.”

Donating to and purchasing goods from the Clothes Closet is also environmentally friendly.

“Donating to the Clothes Closet helps repurpose items and keeps them from ending up in the landfill,” Wilkerson said. “There are lots of benefits to the Clothes Closet.”

The Clothes Closet is open normal hours Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

“We are accepting donations on a limited basis and prefer they are dropped off during our open hours,” Wilkerson said. “We will not be accepting donations during the Oct. 1st and 2nd yard sale because the sale will be in the same space where donations are dropped off.”

Wilkerson said they are not requiring appointments during the yard sale, and those shopping at the yard sale are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering. The Board of Directors of the Upshur Parish House are requiring those who shop inside of the Clothes Closet to wear face covering while inside the building, she added.

The Upshur Parish House operates a Facebook page, where information about the Clothes Closet’s special sales is posted. For additional information and questions, call the Clothes Closet at 304-471-2290.

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