Anthony Dahman receives an Upshur Star at Tuesday’s Upshur County BOE meeting. After graduating from Buckhannon-Upshur High School, Dahman became a diesel mechanic and has returned to the county to work in the Upshur County Schools Transportation Department.

Bus drivers, community volunteers applauded for summer meal delivery at Upshur BOE

BUCKHANNON – Upshur County Board of Education members offered thanks to folks who helped with delivering meals over the summer to students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Superintendent Dr. Sara Lewis Stankus presented Upshur Stars to volunteers and staff and expressed her gratitude to those who helped. Other students who assisted in the schools were tapped for their contributions as well.

The first recognition went to Rock Cave Elementary School student Roree Louk. Roree’s artwork was selected to be displayed at the Upshur County Board of Education Office.

Next, Jodie Akers, Director of Student Services and Transportation for Upshur County Schools, recognized food delivery volunteers who made the summer feeding program in Upshur County such a success.

“These individuals gave countless hours of their time to make sure our families received their weekly meals,” Akers said. “Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our community.”

Those recognized include:

  • Len Fumerola, bus driver, along with volunteers Arlene Fumerola, Isabella Dalhman, Phillip Dahlman and Roselynn Harper.
  • Kyle Hillbert, bus driver, along with volunteers Anthony, Bishop and Noah Hillbert.
  • Rick Dunlap, bus driver, and volunteers Jon, Katelyn and Bryan Howes.
  • Keith Carr, bus driver, and volunteers Aleya, Judy, Mya Jo and Elijah Carr.
  • Amber Tenney, Amber Phillips, Frank Bean, Sonya Myers Adkins and Melissa Talbott from the Head Start Bus.
  • Ronnie Miller, bus driver, and volunteers Kim Miller, Carolyn Miller, Carol Tenney, Justin Miller, Dan Tenney and Rachel Chapman.
  • Other volunteers included Christina Figueroa, Romeleta Howard, Donna Phillips, Maria Rowan, Vito Syski, Evelyn Syski, David Rowan, Emily Currence, Katie Keener, Lisa Tenney, Kirsten Coit-Fetty, Susan Harsh, Denise Campbell, Senator Bill Hamilton, John Barnes, Bekki Leigh, Shelley Summer, Jeanne Allen, Bill Groggs, Brenda Hyre, Darrick Gould, Dave Sotherland, Derrick Hamner, Dillon Johnston, Dion Wamsley, Donnie Linger, Dylan Chidester, James Sayer, Jeanette Fredrick, Keith Carr, Kyle Hilbert, Lee Fumerola, Nolan Smallridge, Randy Hardman, Rick Dunlap, Ronnie Miller, Scott Preston and Steve Paige.
  • Volunteers Shawna Moody, Erin Anderson, Kaela Sesco, Gabby Rhodes, Jennifer Lauler, Tristen Gray, Nikkii Reynolds, Sally Miller Collins, Kasey Baisden, Lauren Machamner, Brandon Williams, Autumn Shroyer-Carlyle, Jessica Lane, Macy Tenney, Joanne Williams and Kiana Harris.

Stankus said the volunteers took food to remote places in the county.

“Not only have they delivered food, but I heard so many stories telling us about delivering love along with the food,” Stankus said. “You connected with our families, and we cannot thank you enough for what you have done.”

  • Next, three folks were recognized for making sure the bus drivers received proper training for cleaning and sanitizing the buses. Akers recognized Kathy Grill, Jennifer Ervin and Brenda Hyre and they each received Upshur Star Awards.
Susan Harsh is one of more than 80 volunteers recognized Tuesday evening at the Upshur County Board of Education meeting for helping deliver meals to families during the summer. Upshur County Schools Superintendent Dr. Sara Lewis Stankus commended the Upshur Star Award recipients for their dedication while delivering food and love to all ends of Upshur County.
  • Former Buckhannon-Upshur High School Principal Eddie Vincent recognized members of the summer painting crew for their hard work. Vincent said the crew had been a big help over the summer – along with the substitute crew. Members include Lee Pappas, Jennifer Ervin, Randy Starkey, Kathy Grill, Kim Mitchell, Jim Bailey, Darrell Gould, Amanda Wingfield, Chuck Brown, Craig Smith, Norman Workman, Steve McIe, Bobby Farr, Christy Bush, Linda Smith, Bill Groggs, Doug Bennett and Randy Hardman.
  • Vincent said members of the maintenance staff also put in long hours preparing the schools for this school year. That crew includes Jeff Dean, Mike Derico, Matt Friend, Jim Ours, Bennie Nazelrod and Andrew Moore.

Upshur County School Facility Director Tim Derico said the maintenance staff and painting crew worked diligently to assure a successful summer.

“There were a lot of projects that needed complete,” Derico said. “The paint crew painted at every single school including three gymnasiums utilizing 338 gallons of paint. They used 75 gallons of paint at Buckhannon-Upshur High School. They have worked very hard this summer, and we are very thankful for their service.”

Finally, BOE members recognized an individual who was a former B-UHS graduate who is coming home to ‘dedicate his time and expertise to the Upshur County Schools transportation department.’

Anthony Dahman is a state and local diesel mechanic. He has competed at a national level and is now coming back to a community that ‘means so much to him.’

Dahman was thanked for his dedication to the community and to the Upshur County School system and was presented with an Upshur Star Award.

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