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Wolf’s Revenge BBQ out of Virginia named grand champion of the 2023 Almost Heaven BBQ Bash

BUCKHANNON — Wolf’s Revenge BBQ out of Henrico, Virginia, won the 2023 Almost Heaven BBQ Bash over the weekend, narrowly beating Chunky BBQ from Pennsylvania.

“Everyone knows the story of the Three Little Pigs, but like all good classics, a little imagination can bring a whole new perspective, so we thought: what if the brick house was turned into a smokehouse, and that’s how the wolf got his revenge! And so, Wolf’s Revenge BBQ was born,” reads the team’s bio on the Kansas City Barbecue Society website.

“As a KCBS competition team, Wolf’s Revenge BBQ currently holds one of the highest KCBS contest scores for any single contest east of Tennessee,” according to the bio. “Beyond the accolades of cooking award-winning BBQ, however, we also love competitions for the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.”

RankTeam NameTotal
1Wolf’s Revenge BBQ702.2284
2Chunky BBQ700.5372
3Rooters-N-Tooters Tn696.5028
4Under The Radar695.3600
5Optimus Swine693.6688
6D’qued Barbeque691.3372
7Ale Yeah BBQ689.0856
8Peace Love & Smokiness685.0856
9Hold Your Horses BBQ685.0628
10Old Virginia Smoke684.5256
11Poor Boys BBQ684.4684
12Piggin’ Whiskey679.9428
13Off The Rack BBQ678.8116
14Muttley Crew BBQ678.1596
15Who Cares BBQ674.7084
16Holt Brothers BBQ672.4456
17Philly Blind Pig BBQ667.8972
18Convicted Pigs BBQ666.8004
19Circle L BBQ666.2172
20Our Bark Is Better Than Your Bite663.8972
21Beer Time BBQ656.9940
22Big Dog BBQ Va653.6344
23Kickin’ Ash BBQ651.8404
24Smokey Anderson BBQ642.1948
25Mort’s Meat Mafia641.5084
26Parsons Moonswiners627.3832
27Iron Head Barbeque621.6116
28Davey Jones Locker BBQ606.1260

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