CT Scanner and Staff
Webster County Memorial Hospital’s new CT scanner brings expanded capabilities and enhances imaging care. Staff are excited to offer this new technology for the community. Pictured are: Dr. Todd Lares; Brianna Jackson, RN; Angie Miller, RN and Nurse Manager; Kim Groves, FRNP; Debra Cutlip, PA; Sara Phillips, RT (R) and Radiology Manager; and, Jonathon Holt, RT(R)(CT).

Webster County Memorial Hospital gets new CT scanner

WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. – Webster County Memorial Hospital (WCMH) is proud to announce the recent purchase of a new 16-slice Aquilion Lightning, Canon Medical Systems’ CT system.  The state-of-the-art technology will provide whole body imaging, optimizing patient care and accelerated clinical decision making.

According to Sara Phillips, RT (R), Radiology Manager at WCMH the new scanner’s technology increases patient comfort, improves safety, provides excellent operability for staff, and expands the testing capability available to the community.

“The new scanner brings huge benefit to our community by allowing us to perform screening exams that we could not do in the past,” said Phillips.  “We spent a lot of time researching and comparing technologies that are in the market.  This scanner enables us to continue to expand clinical imaging capabilities, and improve primary and emergency medicine through process optimization.  We can provide the medical staff with the images they need quickly and efficiently.”

One new feature of the scanner is the ability to perform low-dose lung scans or LDCT.  LDCT scans can help detect abnormal areas in the lungs that may be cancer.  Research has shown that using LDCT scans to screen people at higher risk of lung cancer saved more lives than chest x-rays.

Another enhancement is the increased table weight limit of 660 pounds.  Phillips said previously some patients were sent out of the county for the same screenings because they were not able to accommodate them.

“Anytime we can prevent our patients from leaving the community for care, it’s a win for them and their family members.  Ours is the newest technology in the region, and the low dose lung CT’s are not available at some other hospitals.  We’re happy people no longer have to leave for advanced CT services,” added Phillips.

Phillips and co-worker Katie Adkison, RT(R), spent a week in Irvine, CA to receive training on the new scanner. A trainer from Canon came to WCMH to provide training for the entire department and will be coming out again to give some additional training.

WCMH radiology team members include:  Cassie Miller, RT(R)(CT), Katie Adkison, RT(R), Jonathon Holt, RT(R)(CT), Brittany Russell, RT(R), Sam Davis, RT(R)(CT)(MR), Tiffany Hollandsworth, RT(R), and Phillips.

CT stands for Computed Tomography; CT scanners rely upon computed tomography to provide detailed images of internal organs.  They are used mainly for head injuries and for looking at the abdomen, chest and pelvis areas.

“This technology is more complex than what we had previously,” said WCMH CEO Jim Parker.  “The Board Members and I are pleased with the thoughtful analysis performed by Sara Phillips and her team to bring advanced CT care back to Webster County.”

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