Pictured left to right: Jim Skidmore of Elkins Raceway, Adley Green, Brad Currence, Joshua Simpson, Shane Hitt, Brent Trimble, Kevin Keene and Phil Jeffries / All photos by Beckie Boyd

The results are in: Elkins Raceway Points Championship Standings, banquet

BEVERLY – Drivers who call Elkins Raceway home have put their cars to rest in the garage, taking shelter from the upcoming winter weather. Since the racing season concluded on August 27, drivers and their pit crews have had a moment to collect their thoughts about the season and begin assessments on their vehicle in preparation for next season.

To celebrate the end to an exciting season, Mac McDougal and the Skidmore family hosted their annual Elkins Raceway Points Championship Banquet Saturday at the Beverly Volunteer Fire Department in Beverly, WV. Drivers, pit crews and their family members gathered for an evening of fun activities, comfort food, an awards ceremony and dancing.

Before the shiny trophies were handed out, Elkins Raceway Announcer Jimmy Henry was sure to shoutout all track volunteers, officials, sponsors, Amy Channell Photography and My Buckhannon for their participation in helping make this season successful.

Follow the Elkins Raceway Facebook page for racing details, the 2023 event schedule release, photo galleries and more. See the official My Buckhannon photo gallery with countless high-resolution photos from Saturday night races and other special events from the 2022 season.

Stay tuned as My Buckhannon will share more about the 2023 season at Elkins Raceway in the coming months.

Below are the Point Standings for the 2022 season at Elkins Raceway:

Richard Skidmore Employee of the Year – Don Sturdivant (left) and Jim Skidmore (center) and Lynsie Teter / Photo by Beckie Boyd


Don Sturdivant

Rookies of the Year – Pictured left to right: Jim Skidmore of Elkins Raceway, Kenny Hamrick, Noah Whited, Roger Hull and Joshua Simpson / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  • Roger Hull
  • Joshua Simpson
  • Noah Whited
  • Kenny Hamrick
Jim Skidmore (left), Younger Mini Wedge Points Champion Adley Green (center) and Cody Carpenter (right) / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  1. Adley Green
  2. Nelson Herron
  3. Jake Herron
  4. Jaelee Green
  5. Wyatt Yeager
  6. Brittany Garcia
  7. Nolan Luzier
  8. Cruz Thomas
Jim Skidmore (left), Older Mini Wedge Points Champion Brad Currence (center) and Cody Carpenter (right) / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  1. Brad Currence
  2. Kolby Sullivan
  3. Gunner Binns
  4. Kris Wyatt
  5. Declan Carpenter
  6. Grace Collins
  7. Blake Tasker
  8. Nevin Bennett
  9. James Holmes
  10. Coda Vance
  11. Olivia Loudin
  12. Addison Tasker
  13. Zaylynn Green
  14. Cole Tasker
  15. Gunner Ryan
  16. Matthew Hollen
  17. Shawn Pennington
Edge Hot Mod Points Champion Joshua Simpson (left) and Jim Skidmore (center) and Lynsie Teter / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  1. Joshua Simpson
  2. Roger Hull
  3. Michael Simpson
  4. Trenton Speicher
  5. Jason Phillips
  6. Joshua Hymes
  7. Junior Wiant
  8. Daniel Helmick
  9. Josh Mullenax
  10. Daniel Simpson
  11. Santino Loretta
  12. David Cordial
  13. Josh Johnston
  14. Dave Loudin
  15. Kenzie Dotson
  16. Jeff Gorrell
  17. David Mackey
  18. Corey Cordial
  19. Thomas Sigler
  20. Todd Tasker
  21. Josh Sigler
  22. Nik Keller
  23. Wyatt Marker
  24. Ethan Boram
  25. Kip Swiger
  26. Chris Barrackman
Jim Skidmore (left) and Street Stock Points Champion Kevin Keene (right) / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  1. Kevin Keene
  2. Todd Simmons
  3. Randy Bohan
  4. Kevin Cooper
  5. Dustin Atkinson
  6. Chris Smith
  7. Michael Ayersman
  8. Dusty Swecker
  9. Robin Maxon
  10. Nathan Cowger
  11. Rusty Ball
  12. Jason Ammons
  13. Randy Thornhill
  14. Ronald Pyles
  15. Thomas Simpson
  16. Willy Mallow
  17. Ralph Nine
  18. Buddy Brogan
  19. Matthew Currence
  20. David King
  21. Terry Loughry
  22. Rodney Cole
  23. Kevin Jett
UMP Modified Points Champion Phil Jeffries (left) and Jim Skidmore (right) / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  1. Phil Jeffries
  2. Mitch Thomas
  3. Kenney Rowback
  4. Gary Dalton
  5. Dave Defibaugh
  6. Josh Rovello
  7. Troy Frazier
  8. Jesse Rupe
  9. Anthony Arbogast
  10. Jamie McCloud
  11. Sam Henderson
  12. Scott Bittinger
  13. Rob Smith
  14. James Swenskie
  15. Nate Young
  16. Ryan Gum
  17. Matthew Chenoweth
  18. Rick Strickler
  19. Tyler Pane
  20. Steven Dotson
  21. Mitch Ward
  22. Shane Sanders
  23. Thomas Sigler
  24. Kyle Bond
  25. Austin Holcombe
  26. Danny Thomas
  27. Lance Elson
  28. Jarett Young
  29. Larry Bond
  30. Randy Bise
  31. Charles Nixon
  32. Jerry Barnett Jr.
  33. Dave Defibaugh
  34. Zachary Deyton
  35. Billy VanMeter
  36. Cruz Vandall
  37. Dalton Goff
  38. Jeff Fornash
FasTrak Crate Late Model Points Champion Brent Trimble (left) and Jim Skidmore (right) / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  1. Brent Trimble
  2. Luke Hyre
  3. Chandi Currence
  4. Sparky Davisson
  5. Lucas McDonald
  6. Derrick Shaw
  7. Kyle Lukon
  8. Noah Whited
  9. AJ Spagnuolo
  10. Michael Moreland
  11. Kris Southern
  12. Garrett Paugh
  13. Ryan Hare
  14. Hayden Jacobs
  15. Dustin Luzier
  16. Tyler Parrish
  17. Eric Cogar
  18. Patrick Solari
  19. D.J. Miller
  20. Dylan Lewis
  21. Phillip “JR” Likins
  22. Lane Brock
  23. Blake Runyon
  24. Ronald Pyles
  25. Paul Wilmoth Jr.
  26. Billy Beachler
  27. Megan Mann
  28. Chad Judy
  29. Cody Dawson
  30. Tanner Hauger
  31. Ace Howdershelt
  32. Jason McDonald
  33. Shane Greco
  34. Eddie Starkey
  35. Mike Sturn
  36. Scott Sweeney Jr.
  37. Dickie Tharp
Super Late Model Points Champion Shane Hitt (left) and Jim Skidmore (right) / Photo by Beckie Boyd


  1. Shane HItt
  2. Logan Hitt
  3. Billy Holbert
  4. Bob Gordan
  5. Kenney Hamrick
  6. Chad Tasker
  7. Dusty Harper
  8. Derek Rogers
  9. Michael Lake
  10. Jacob Hawkins
  11. Cody Rogers
  12. Ace Howdershelt
  13. Dylan Lewis
  14. Tyler Carpenter
  15. Ethan Ours
  16. DJ Miller
  17. Nick Corley
  18. Teddy Richardson
  19. Mike Benedum
  20. Rich Strattis
  21. Trey Watson
  22. Jason Covert
  23. Zack Dohm
  24. Troy Frazier
  25. Daniel Hill
  26. Lucas McDonald
  27. Tim Senic
  28. Tyler Emory
  29. Kyle Thomas
  30. Russell Erwin
  31. Billy Eash
  32. Travis Stickley
  33. Jeffery Lilly
  34. Tyler Bare
  35. Ricky Strattis
  36. Logan Reed
  37. Colton Collins
  38. Travis Harsh
  39. Ronald Pyles



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