The Fearless Fools to host Black Friday Funnies comedy improv night in the Colonial Arts Center

BUCKHANNON — This coming Black Friday, spend your evening laughing endlessly with the FOOLS! You’ll laugh until you burn the calories from that ham or turkey dinner with the family.

The Fearless Fools are West Virginia’s premiere professional comedy troupe! Under the direction of The Vintage Theatre Company’s founder and producer, Jason Young, the Fools specialize in a unique blend of short-form and long-form improv comedy. They also work to fuse original sketch comedy and stand-up comedy into their shows.

Improv acting and comedy are forms of performing arts that rely heavily on spontaneity and creativity. Improv acting involves actors performing without a script, relying instead on audience suggestions or prompts to create scenes and develop characters. The goal of improv acting is to make the audience laugh while also showcasing the actors’ ability to think on their feet and work collaboratively.

Comedy, on the other hand, encompasses a wide range of performing arts that are intended to make people laugh. This includes stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, and improv comedy. While stand-up comedy involves a comedian delivering jokes to an audience, sketch comedy involves a group of performers acting out a series of short scenes that are intended to be funny. Improv comedy, as mentioned earlier, involves actors performing without a script and relying on audience suggestions to create scenes and develop characters.

An improv-comedy show titled “Black Friday Funnies” is going to be held on November 24 at 8 pm. The show will be hosted at the Colonial Arts Center and the tickets are available at a price of $10.00.

Both improv acting and comedy are highly entertaining forms of performing arts that require a great deal of talent and skill. These art forms provide a unique opportunity for performers to showcase their creativity and sense of humor, while also providing audiences with a fun and engaging experience. This will be the second collaborative event between the CAC and The Vintage Theatre Company.

Tickets are limited for the show, so make sure to purchase in advance for a guaranteed seat! Call 304-472-1651 x. 1052 to reserve over the phone for will-call tickets.

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