Stone Tower Brews debuts new coffee roast, Tres Dragones

BUCKHANNON – Stone Tower Brews is welcoming fall with a new brew of coffee and autumn-themed drinks.

Barista at Stone Tower Brews Tyler St. Clair said they will be offering a new roast of coffee soon, hopefully next week. The new light roast is called Tres Dragones from Colombia and it will have notes of watermelon and cherry.

“It was extremely overwhelming in a good way; the flavor was super fruity,” St. Clair said. “When we taste-tested it at the roastery, it was very citrusy and just a really complex taste as far as coffee goes, you can definitely tell it was one of a kind.”

The new roast will be available as a French Press, pour-over and possibly Aeropress, but not as a drip.

“We don’t waste it and we will sell it on the shelf,” he said. “It will be a little bit more expensive than all the other coffees – just a little bit. So, the regular coffees are $14 for a bag of 12 ounces this one will be $17.50, but we’ll do a promotional amount – we’ll do the regular $14 for the first week.”

Stone Tower Brew’s fall drinks are already available, including the pumpkin spice latte –manager of Stone Tower Brews Courtney Page described some of their new drinks.

“This year we brought back the pumpkin cheesecake latte; we had to because it’s amazing, but we did want to do some new stuff,” Page said. “We have the pumpkin cobbler cold brew, which is a different take on cold brew because traditionally cold brew would be like a strong black coffee but this gives you a little sweetness and makes it more palatable for the general coffee drinker.”

The PSL — plus the pumpkin cheesecake latte and pumpkin spice cake latte — and are back for fall and being served up at STB on Main Street. / Photo courtesy Courtney Page

Another pumpkin-themed latte they have added is the pumpkin spice cake latte, which is a twist on the traditional pumpkin spice latte.

“It’s has white chocolate in it, so it’s a bit sweeter, but also we don’t put a ton of pumpkin in that one, so it’s on the lighter end of pumpkin, whereas cheesecake is a very heavy pumpkin drink,” Page said. “If you like a little bit of pumpkin, we’re have the spice cake. If you like a lot, go for the cheesecake. If you’re in a weird mood, go for the cold brew.”

St. Clair said they are also going to partner with WV Land Trust to release a special coffee and help emphasize the importance of clean water to get the best cup of coffee.

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