Renovation work in progress at Glenville State University in the Mollohan Campus Community Center snack bar area. (GSU Photo/Dustin Crutchfield)

Dining services upgrades coming to Glenville State University

GLENVILLE, W.Va. – In August 2021, Glenville State University renewed its campus food services contract with Aramark Collegiate Hospitality, extending the partnership for the next 15 years.

Last month, Glenville State received $1.5 million from Aramark to renovate and upgrade the cafeteria and snack bar areas inside the Mollohan Campus Community Center. The renovations include updates to the cafeteria serving and dining room areas, an updated grill, and an express convenience store area. The upgrades also include the addition of a national brand – Freshens – which bills itself as a “fresh casual” restaurant offering made to order food crafted with fresh ingredients. Work has been ongoing throughout the summer and is expected to be completed for the beginning of the fall semester.

Representatives from Aramark Collegiate Hospitality and Glenville State University pose with a presentation check for dining renovations taking place at Glenville State; pictured (l-r) are Alicia Gaul, Lisa Smarr, Brett Ridgway, Rita Hedrick Helmick, and Bert Jedamski. (GSU Photo/Kristen Cosner)

A “We Proudly Serve” Starbucks coffee shop will be opening this fall as well. The coffee shop is located on the main floor of Louis Bennett Hall, adjacent to the Pioneer Campus Store.

“From the cafeteria and snack bar to the new Starbucks, these renovations will provide a better dining experience for everyone. We are pleased to see this investment in our campus coming together and I look forward to seeing the new spaces completed. We appreciate our Aramark partners for their work in making this happen,” said Glenville State University President, Dr. Mark A. Manchin.

“Our goal is to continue driving student retention and the overall student experience at the institution. In addition, we want to see our students excel inside and outside the classroom and we feel that food is a big component in that success. Furthermore, we would like to continue to drive and support the Glenville State University mission, vision, and strategic plan. We look forward in continuing to strengthen our relationship at Glenville State and continuing to help drive the success of the institution. Our future is very bright and we look forward in celebrating the success of the college over the next 15 years,” said Aramark Collegiate Hospitality District Manager, Brett Ridgway.

“I’m very grateful to our campus Physical Plant employees and the other contractors who have been working tirelessly this summer. They’ve battled supply chain issues and delays to keep these renovations on track so things will be ready for our students. We have a talented, dedicated workforce and I really appreciate them,” said Glenville State University Vice President of Administration, Rita Hedrick Helmick.

Aramark is a Fortune 200 company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and operating in 19 countries on four continents. Their higher education programs serve over three million college and university students each year in North America.