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Margaret Leonard was the first patient to receive dialysis care at DMC. Davis Medical Center nurses Sheree Bolton, RN, Jason Bonetti, RN, provided essential acute and hemodialysis care during Mrs. Leonard’s recent hospitalization.

Davis Medical Center introduces inpatient dialysis

ELKINS, W.Va. – Davis Medical Center (DMC) has launched an innovative inpatient dialysis program to accommodate patients requiring specialized medical care.  Patients who need renal care while hospitalized for chronic or acute disease, can stay close to home and receive the best care available, utilizing the safest technology.

DMC developed the program in response to a growing need for safe dialysis services in the acute care setting. They collaborated with Outset Medical to introduce the state-of-the art Tablo Hemodialysis System which combines new water purification technology, improved patient and user experience, and overall reduced cost.

Margaret Leonard was the first patient to receive the new service at DMC, and said the best thing about her recent hospital stay was the respectful, kind care she received by the treatment team, and being able to stay in Elkins.

“I have several medical issues including cardiac and kidney disease,” said Leonard. “They took great care of me, for everything I have going on. I have been transferred to Morgantown in the past. It’s much better for me to stay in Elkins.”

Kedron L. Elliott, RN, CDN, is DMC’s Dialysis Clinical Coordinator. Elliott has worked extensively as a nurse and educator in the specialized field of cardio-renal care, and is passionate about delivering the highest level of patient care from hospitals to home.

 “Chronic kidney disease patients have unique needs.  Our integrated care team includes specialty-trained nurses that identify and respond to these needs using a holistic approach to build the overall plan of care for each individual patient,” said Elliott. “Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) Nephrologists support us through clinical expertise and 24/7 availability.”

“The Table dialysis combined with telemedicine is a game-changer,” she added. “The portability and ease of use gives us the ability to deliver treatment anywhere within our facility, within minutes. We are very happy to offer these new services, and support our kidney community closer to home.”

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