Update: $1 million lottery ticket was sold at Speedway, has still not been claimed

BUCKHANNON – The $1 million lottery ticket sold in Buckhannon had still not been claimed as of late Thursday afternoon.

The winning numbers for Tuesday’s MegaMillions drawing were 22-30-53-55-56 with a MegaBall of 16. The million-dollar Buckhannon ticket was sold at Speedway and matched the first five numbers.

Randy Burnside, public relations manager at W.Va. Lottery, said it’s rare for a ticket like this to go unclaimed.

“It’s important to check your tickets. Some people put them in their pocket or just forget about it and let a few days go by, and then you just never know,” Burnside told My Buckhannon. “There have been cases where people haven’t claimed things and it just makes you wonder.”

The winning ticket was sold at Speedway #9218 in Buckhannon, and Burnside said that store will receive a sales bonus.

“Whenever a store sells a lottery ticket, they get a 1 percent sales bonus off of a ticket like this — but they don’t receive that amount, which would be $10,000 in this case, until the ticket is claimed,” Burnside said.

If the ticket expires after 180 days, the store will still receive its sales bonus then, he added.

A ticket sold in Ohio matched all six numbers to win the jackpot of $372 million dollars. In addition to the lone jackpot winner, one ticket sold in Pennsylvania won $2 million and three tickets matched million-dollar prizes. Those were sold in Buckhannon, New York and Iowa.

Have the lucky million-dollar ticket? Sign the back and call the West Virginia Lottery at 304-558-0500. Winners of $1 million or more can remain anonymous according to state law.

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