Skip Gjolberg, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Sister Francesca Lowis, Vice President of Mission Integration Present Tom Nestor with the VIP Award. / Photo courtesy St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital honors Tom Nestor with Values Inspired Person (VIP) Award

BUCKHANNON — St. Joseph’s Hospital recently honored Tom Nestor, R.T.(R)(MR) with the Values Inspired Person Award (VIP).

Nestor is the Director of Diagnostic Imaging for the hospital. His co-workers say he represents every value we as a hospital strive to achieve, and that it is an honor to work beside such an inspirational person.

He is a very compassionate Christian man who constantly goes out of his way for his co-workers, as well as all patients. For example, the Emergency Department called a trauma code and he went to help in any way he could. The patient did not make it, but he stayed and asked the family if they would like him to pray with them. As he prayed, the staff said you could see the comfort that came over the grieving family.

He is never too busy to help, whether it is with patients, starting IVs, or just helping his technicians. He is always willing to put on a pair of gloves and get to work — an award well deserved.

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