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Water concerns in Bull Run area to be addressed at community potluck dinner in Adrian this week

BUCKHANNON — The Buckhannon River Watershed Association (BRWA) is gearing up for a community potluck dinner on Tuesday, February 20, in Adrian, focusing on water concerns in the Bull Run area. Chrissy Sandy, a board member of BRWA, highlighted the importance of the gathering, emphasizing community-driven efforts for clean and healthy waters in the watershed.

The dinner, set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, will take place at the Tom Anderson Mission Center, 276 Abbott Road in Adrian. The menu features grilled chicken, potato salad and drinks.

“Invitations have been extended to residents in the area, with approximately 180 invitations sent out,” Sandy said. “Flyers have also been posted at the local post office and Adrian PSD to ensure maximum community awareness.”

The first project set to be discussed is a measure that could benefit residents with septic pumping costs.

“For many decades, people who live near the Bull Run stream have worried about the orange stream flowing across their land,” said members of the BRWA board. “BRWA wants to know how we can work together to help clean up the stream. Our first efforts are a cost-sharing project with residents in need of septic pumping.”

Grant funds will be available to help residents in the area.

“Through a grant received by the watershed association, the board is offering to cover up to $200 or 60% of the cost for residents in need of septic tank pumping in the Bull Run area,” Sandy said. “Application forms have been sent out to residents, and additional forms will be available at the meeting for those who may have missed them.”

While the focus is currently on the septic tank pumping initiative, BRWA is open to addressing other water-related issues in the Bull Run watershed, which runs along the Abbott Road.

Sandy emphasized that the watershed has personal significance.

“I live in the Bull Run watershed area and understand the importance of cleaning up the tributary for everyone who relies on it for drinking water,” she said.

BRWA encourages all residents in the Bull Run area to attend the community meeting to voice their concerns, share ideas, and learn how they can contribute to improving the health of the Bull Run stream.

“While this meeting is specific to the Bull Run watershed, BRWA holds regular meetings on the third Tuesday of every month, open to the public, to discuss broader watershed issues,” Sandy added.

For more information about BRWA and their efforts, visit their website at buckhannonriver.org.

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