Mountain CAP Family Support Center launches Women’s Trauma Recovery Support Group

BUCKHANNON — The Mountain CAP Family Support Center has taken a significant step towards bolstering the support system available to the community by introducing a Women’s Trauma Recovery Support Group.

The driving force behind this initiative was the recognition of the need for such services within Upshur County and a commitment to enhancing existing support networks. Lise-Marie VanNostrand, Family Support Center Director, recently shed light on the motivation behind the group’s inception.

“Part of the impetus for opening the Family Support Center was to provide services and programming that were lacking in the community, as well as enhance existing services,” VanNostrand said. “Through our interactions with community members and local agencies, we identified a trauma recovery support group as a service that was not available in Upshur County. The Mountain CAP Child Advocacy Center currently provides trauma therapy for both children and adults, and we hope that with the addition of a support group that we will enhance those existing services.”

VanNostrand continued, “The primary goal of the group is to provide a safe venue for women who have suffered varying levels and types of traumas to learn about themselves, have the opportunity to share their experiences with other trauma survivors, begin the process of healing from the trauma, and ultimately, make connections with others to develop a support group outside of a structured setting.”

The format and structure of the support group sessions are designed to offer a supportive and anonymous environment where participants can embark on their healing journey. The group will operate informally, akin to 12-Step groups, and members are provided with workbooks to aid them both during the sessions and in their personal time. The content of the sessions will be directed by the needs of the members, allowing for a flexible approach to address a wide range of trauma experiences.

VanNostrand emphasized that the group is fortunate to have a professional Clinical Counselor who has generously volunteered his time to lead the sessions.

“His background and experience will undoubtedly contribute to the group’s effectiveness in guiding participants through their recovery process,” VanNostrand said.

As for the number of participants expected, VanNostrand mentioned that it remains open-ended at this early stage, and they will assess this as the program unfolds.

When asked about the potential positive impact of the Trauma Recovery Support Group on participants and the broader community, VanNostrand expressed her hope that those who join the group will find a safe and supportive environment. She envisions participants learning ways to begin healing from their personal trauma and establishing a network of supportive individuals who share similar experiences.

“Addressing and recovering from trauma can bring numerous benefits to individuals, families, children, and the community as a whole,” she said.

For those interested in joining, the women’s Trauma Recovery Support Group will meet on Friday nights from 5:30-6:30 p.m., beginning on September 29. The group is being facilitated by a Clinical Counselor and is free to participants. For more information, contact (304) 878-1115 or email

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