Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital prepares for Stoke Center accreditation

WESTON, WV – Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital has announced that the hospital is preparing for a survey to receive designation as a Stroke Center with the nationally-recognized Acute Stroke Ready program.

“The Acute Stroke Ready Program is very important to Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, as it will help the staff care for patients having stroke signs and symptoms,” said the recently announced Stroke and Trauma Coordinator, Morgan Norman, RN. “It will be important in providing time-sensitive treatments that result in better outcomes for the patients and citizens of our community.”

Stroke is the interruption of blood flow to the brain that can be caused by a blood clot or bleeding within the brain. Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital has the capability to diagnose and treat stroke 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the new accreditation will provide a greater level of patient confidence.

If a person is experiencing stroke-like symptoms, call 911 or seek treatment immediately. An easy way to remember the signs and symptoms of stroke is to remember the acronym, BE FAST.

  • Balance – the sudden loss of balance or coordination, and the onset of dizziness
  • Eyes – Vision changes, blurry vision, or loss of vision
  • F – Facial weakness or numbness
  • Arms – Sudden onset of arm weakness
  • Speech – difficulty speaking or slurred speech
  • Time – Time to call 911

Risk factors for stroke include high blood pressure, smoking, diets high in fat, obesity, high cholesterol, carotid artery disease, peripheral artery disease, or atrial fibrillation. To reduce the risk of stroke, patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking, exercise regularly, limit alcohol intake, and lower stress levels.

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