Madonna Varchetto-Bonner
Madonna Varchetto-Bonner

Madonna Varchetto-Bonner retires after 47 years in health care

Elkins, W.Va.— Madonna Varchetto-Bonner thought Tuesday, November 11, 2021 would be just like any other day at DirectCare of Elkins, but she showed up to a surprise.

Varchetto-Bonner has spent the last 47 years in healthcare, she began her career in 1974 after graduating from Rockingham Memorial School of Nursing. After graduating nursing school, Varchetto-Bonner became an operating room nurse until 1991. She then became a Physician Assistant at Dr. Samuel Roberts’s private practice until 2008. For the last 13 years, Varchetto-Bonner has been a Physician Assistant at DirectCare of Elkins, caring for patients in the local community.

She was one of the first employees of DirectCare of Elkins and has been the leader in designing the functionality of the urgent care clinic to ensure patients receive efficient and comprehensive healthcare. “We are so appreciative of her hard work throughout her career at Davis Health System, and her dedication to caring for the community,” said Vance Jackson, President, and CEO of Davis Health System.

While DirectCare of Elkins has been designed as a walk-in clinic, Varchetto-Bonner has been a staple in the community for providing healthcare. Many patients used Varchetto-Bonner as their primary source of healthcare, according to Abby Haddix, Director of Professional Services, “Madonna has been the definition of a community healthcare worker. She has been working in healthcare long enough that she has provided healthcare for multiple generations within a family.” According to Haddix, during Varchetto-Bonner’s time at DirectCare of Elkins, she has estimated to have cared for 78,000 patients.

When Varchetto-Bonner arrived to work on November 11th, colleagues and department leaders from Davis Health System surprised Varchetto-Bonner with an Amish rocking chair, a gift to kick off her retirement. “We wanted to get her something that she can enjoy while relaxing at home,” said Haddix.

Now, after 47 years of working in healthcare, Varchetto-Bonner plans to spend quality time with her husband, Lynn, and her dog Maddie. Varchetto-Bonner’s last day at DirectCare of Elkins was November 17, 2021.

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