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Let the good times roll: Donut Spot to replace Donut Shop in Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County residents won’t be without their favorite round, fluffy pastries for long: a new Donut Spot will soon replace the Donut Shop in downtown Buckhannon.

“A staple of the Buckhannon culinary community is reopening soon, but with a new name,” according to a press release from Dave Allen, Director of Community Relations for Par Mar Stores. “The newly named The Donut Spot, formerly The Donut Shop, will open for business sometime in early February.”

The Donut Spot will be operated by the same company that operates the popular Par Mar Store chain, based in Marietta, Ohio, the release notes. Par Mar currently operates six other businesses in the Buckhannon area.

“When we learned that The Donut Shop planned to close, we knew we had to step in,” said Par Mar Stores company president Brian Waugh. “We know how much The Donut Shop meant to the residents of Buckhannon and the surrounding areas, so a deal was made for us to be able to operate the location.”

Waugh said no major changes are planned as the restaurant will continue to offer donuts, pepperoni rolls and more.

“We know how much people loved The Donut Shop, and we are sure they will love The Donut Spot just as much,” he said. “We plan no major changes, so we can assure their longtime customers will continue to enjoy the donuts, pepperoni rolls and hot dogs just as they always have. We have made a commitment to the people of the region to continue to provide for them what The Donut Shop always has — delicious foods, just the way they remember.”

The Donut Shop closed January 1, 2023 after serving Upshur County for decades. No official reason was ever given for the sudden closure. At the time, the property was owned by Sherree Martin, who said she hoped to have a new operator in place shortly, while the business itself was owned by two brothers who live out of state.

Buckhannon Mayor Robbie Skinner weighed in on the recent development.

“The City of Buckhannon would like to welcome and sincerely thank Par Mar Stores for their investment in our community,” Skinner said in the release. “After speaking with corporate leadership, I am confident that their business plan matches the core values of our community. They want to be a part of the Buckhannon and Upshur County culture.”

Skinner noted how the Donut Shop grew into a regional destination. The diner-like atmosphere and 24-hour, year-round service (except for Christmas Day) became as legendary as the food itself, with generations of Upshur County families casually settling into the orange booths for a pepperoni roll or chatting with employees while drinking a cup of coffee at the counter.

“This business has been woven into our cultural fabric for decades,” he said. “No matter where you travel, when you say you are from Buckhannon, someone will talk about the famous donuts and pepperoni rolls.  Those foods are staples here. The city has been committed to helping to facilitate an opportunity for the business to remain an integral part of the community. We are excited that Buckhannon’s famous donuts and pepperoni rolls are back!”

The Donut Spot will also reopen the dining area for customers who choose to enjoy their treats inside, according to the press release. The drive-through will remain an option for customers on the go.

The Donut Spot plans on opening in early February, with a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting planned in the coming months. The Donut Spot is located at 51 North Locust Street in Buckhannon.

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