HomeOwnership Center at 2276 N. Randolph Avenue in Elkins / Photo submitted by HomeOwnership Center

HomeOwnership Center celebrates 25 years of service in NCWV

ELKINS – This year, HomeOwnership Center, Inc. is celebrating their 25th anniversary of offering home loan products for all income levels and financial education services to individuals and families across North Central West Virginia.

Over the past 25 years, HomeOwnership Center has assisted nearly 1,200 individuals and families in reaching the goal of home ownership and becoming financially stable, according to a press release published by My Buckhannon in January.

The establishment of the HOC began as an initiative of the Randolph County Housing Authority in the 1990s and soon evolved into its own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Since its ribbon cutting in 1998, HOC has grown exponentially in service offerings, community outreach and impact on the eight counties they serve; Randolph, Upshur, Tucker, Webster, Lewis, Barbour, Pocahontas and Pendleton.

HOC ribbon cutting in 1998 / Photo courtesy of HomeOwnership Center, Inc.

“We have had a successful and very busy year celebrating our 25th anniversary and all the positive impact HOC has had on our communities during the last quarter century,” said Kate Somers, HOC Executive Director. “HOC staff have really taken the initiative to engage and strengthen our relationships with local organizations which have increased our outreach opportunities throughout North Central West Virginia (NCWV), and we are looking forward to seeing how that can increase our community impact even more.”

As “Your Key to Homeownership,” HOC offers an array of home loan services to their clientele; home buying loans, home improvement loans, financial literacy, pre-purchase counseling, credit/budget advising, home buyer education, refinancing, down payment assistance, among other helpful services.

Somers explained this anniversary has marked an opportunity for HOC to share their expansive history, impact on the local community, services, and products. In addition, HOC staff and board members receive a special spotlight for their continued and passionate care to current residents – and the soon-to-be residents – of NCWV.

HOC is located at 2276 Randolph Avenue in Elkins / Photo courtesy HomeOwnership Center

Looking ahead to the next 25 years of service, Somers and her team are eager to continue their work in the community.

“We just finished our strategic plan, which is mapped out for the next three years, so we are really excited for the future,” Somers said. “We look forward to continuing to be the home buying experts for folks in North Central West Virginia and beyond and making even more of a difference in the communities we serve.”

Those interested in learning more about HOC services are encouraged to visit www.hocwv.org or call 304-636-9115. Follow HOC on Facebook for frequent updates about financial literacy tips, home buying education, HOC services, employee and homebuyer spotlights, and so much more.

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