Get your thrift on: Brightside Creative Collective to host clothing swap March 11

BUCKHANNON — Brightside Creative Collective is hosting a clothing swap Saturday, March 11 at its location, 8 East Main Street in Buckhannon.

You may purchase your ticket or walk in the day of. Tickets can be purchased for various time slots throughout the day at this link.

You can bring your items and take home up to 10 items home with you. The remainder of the clothes will be donated to local shelters/school closets after the swap.

What is a clothing swap?

We need to find ways to wear and love the clothes that already exist more than ever before. Clothing swaps allow us to do just that. If you are swapping more and shopping less, you can save up and invest in a slow fashion brand you genuinely believe in.

It is also a way to rehome clothing you no longer wear responsibly. Unfortunately, when clothing is donated, only a tiny percentage gets resold when we donate clothing and end up in landfills. Beyond the clothes, clothing swaps are a great way to connect with the community.

Tips on attending:

Ensure the garments you bring are in good condition: If you wouldn’t feel comfortable gifting it to a friend, you probably shouldn’t bring it to a swap. Be mindful of what you bring. Swaps are not just places to discard clothing items beyond wear, so please don’t bring things that are dirty or damaged.

If you attend the swap, you can take home up to 10 items of clothing.

Clothing dropoff:

You can bring your swap items with you the day of or drop them off March 10 between 5-6 p.m.

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