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Fred Eberle names November Students of the Month

BUCKHANNON – The Fred Eberle Technical Center has announced the November Students of the Month: Willie Abell and Willie Miller!

Willie Abell is an adult student in the Automotive Technology class. Instructor Terry Ervin shared the following about Willie: “He is willing to help others and share his knowledge with other students. Willie is very dedicated to securing a future for himself. He has an outstanding attendance that every employer looks for. Willie is very thoughtful and is willing to help anybody in need. He has very good communication and problem-solving skills.”

Willie Abell (left) with his instructor Terry Ervin / Photo courtesy of FETC

Willie Miller is also an adult student who is enrolled in the HVAC program. Dakota Workman, HVAC instructor, described Willie as “an amazing asset to the class. As an adult, the younger students look up to him. He’s a great example for them; he always makes everyone laugh and helps keep students on track and in line serving as the shop safety manager. He is on time every day and always works diligently.”

Willie Miller (right) with his instructor Dakota Workman / Photo courtesy of FETC

FETC celebrates both its post-secondary and secondary students as they continue to reach for their futures. If you can see yourself advancing your skills and career opportunities in 2024 and beyond, consider adding an FETC application to your list of New Year’s resolutions!

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