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Four constitutional amendments to be considered by WV voters in the General Election

CHARLESTON – There has been some continued confusion over the numbers/placement of the amendments coming up in the November 8th General Election. There are four (4) constitutional amendments being proposed.

The amendments are numbered one thru four (1, 2, 3 and 4). Please know that when there is more than one proposed amendment on a ballot, State Code requires that the proposed amendments be numbered based on the date the legislature approved the resolution placing the proposal before the voters.

Below are the amendments and their corresponding placement (number) on the ballot. A link to the full text of these proposed amendments can also be found here at GoVoteWV.com, the WV Secretary of State’s secure website landing page for everything relating to our election process.

Amendment No. 1: Clarification of the Judiciary’s Role in Impeachment Proceedings Amendment

Summary of Purpose: “Clarifying that courts have no authority or jurisdiction to intercede or intervene in or interfere with impeachment proceedings of the House of Delegates or the Senate; and specifying that a judgment rendered by the Senate following an impeachment trial is not reviewable by any court of this state.”

Amendment No. 2: Property Tax Modernization Amendment

Summary of Purpose: “To amend the State Constitution by providing the Legislature with authority to exempt tangible machinery and equipment personal property directly used in business activity and tangible inventory personal property directly used in business activity and personal property tax on motor vehicles from ad valorem property taxation by general law.”

Amendment No. 3: Incorporation of Churches or Religious Denominations Amendment

Summary of Purpose: “To authorize the incorporation of churches or religious denominations.”

Amendment No. 4: Education Accountability Amendment

Summary of Purpose: “The purpose of this amendment is to clarify that the rules and policies promulgated by the State Board of Education, are subject to legislative review, approval, amendment, or rejection.”

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