HVAC Technician students compete for Local SkillsUSA Competition at FETC on Thursday / Photo by Beckie Boyd

Exemplary Fred Eberle students test skills in local competition, some move on to state competition

BUCKHANNON – Spectators and judges were witnesses to the intense concentration of students at Fred W. Eberle Technical Center Thursday during the 2023 SkillsUSA Local Competition on Thursday.

Juniors, senior and adult students from each program at FETC were tested on hands-on, knowledge-based and leadership skills, while showcasing their understanding of each industry.

As described on the SkillsUSA WV website, the program “empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. SkillsUSA WV improves the quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through the development of Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics.”

A welding student puts his knowledge and skills to the test during Thursday’s Local SkillsUSA Competition at FETC / Photo by Beckie Boyd

Katlyn Tenney, an allied health student at FETC, confessed nerves were present as anticipation for the competition day grew closer and closer. Tenney fell back on the support of fellow teammates to provide the best possible presentation for the allied health competition judge on Thursday.

“For our Skills [USA Competition], we competed in a promotional bulletin board,” Tenney said. “We show how SkillsUSA has changed our lives and our work ethic. We explained that ‘Our time is now.’ Even though we are a young generation, we can make changes in the community, in the state and in the nation.”

Judges for the local competition were local industry professionals with a diverse background of experience, training and network connections.

An Electrical Technician student checks over his work mid-competition as a judge oversees the progress / Photo by Beckie Boyd

“I would just like to say thank you to all of our judges who gave of their time to spend the day with us and help our students and instructors get better,” said Rebecca Bowers-Call, director of FETC. “Our industry partners are so important for the future of our students and our community.”

One of those partners, Worldwide Equipment provided the Diesel Equipment Technology program with a truck for the competition, while Upshur County Bus Garage contributed a school bus, giving students hands-on experience with real diesel engines and equipment.

Jacob Bailey, a diesel equipment technology alum, attended the 2022 SkillsUSA National Championship and found himself as an industry judge for the 2023 local competition at FETC.

“My advice to students is to take the industry seriously,” he said. “Learn as much as you can and get to know a lot of people.”

Charles Smith, a diesel equipment technology instructor at FETC, added that preparations for these competitions are a lot of work, but it’s a rewarding experience.

The 2023 Local SkillsUSA Competition Winners at the Thursday evening award ceremony hosted at B-UHS / Photo submitted by FETC

Students, family members, FETC faculty and administration gathered at Buckhannon-Upshur High School Thursday evening to learn the fate of the local competitors.

Students placing first in the local competition will then participate in the 2023 SkillsUSA WV State Leadership and Skills Conference that will take place March 24-25, 2023 at Fairmont State University. There, students from technical schools across the Mountain State will compete against each other in hopes on then competing in the 2023 SkillsUSA National Championship June 19-23, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn more about the SkillsUSA West Virginia State and National Competitions on the SkillsUSAWV.org website.

“I am very proud of all the competitors who spent the day demonstrating everything they have learned in their programs so far,” Bowers-Call said. “The level of work and dedication we saw here today is impressive. Congratulations to all and I can’t wait to see them at the state contest, March 24-25.”

See the full photo gallery from the 2023 FETC Local SkillsUSA Competition here.

Automotive Technology – Terry Ervin/Instructor 


  1. Logan Groves – Upshur County 
  2. Andy Rexroad – Upshur County 
  3. Andrew Todd – Barbour County 

Carpentry – Randy Cunningham/Instructor


  1. Corbin George – Upshur County 
  2. Ethen Lewis – Upshur County 
  3. Corey Davidson – Upshur County 

Collision Repair – Scott Currence/Instructor 


  1. Walker Bush – Upshur County 
  2. Landon Schoonover – Upshur County 
  3. Adam Jordan – Lewis County 


  1. Zane Casto – Lewis County 

Cosmetology – Mary Hull & Crystal Moss/Instructors 


  1. Channing Carson – Lewis County 
  2. Sarah McKamey – Lewis County 
  3. Serenity Falls – Barbour County 


  1. Chloe Herrera – Barbour County 
  2. Makenize Malcomb – Randolph County 

Diesel Equipment Technology – Charles Smith/Instructor 


  1. Keldon Shiflett – Upshur County 
  2. Colten Taylor- Lewis County 
  3. Bradley Mitchell – Upshur County 


  1. Carter Bowie – Harrison County 

Electrical Technology – Robert Lowther/Instructor 

Electrical Construction Wiring SECONDARY 

  1. Lucas Queen – Lewis County 
  2. Thomas Derico – Lewis County 
  3. Curtis Given – Upshur County 

Industrial Motor Control SECONDARY 

  1. Robert Holman – Upshur County 
  2. Brayden Snyder – Upshur County 
  3. Ryan Snyder – Upshur County 

Electrical Technology – John Marteney/Instructor 

Electrical Construction Wiring POST SECONDARY

  1. Richard Karnes – Upshur County 
  2. Jonathan Waybright – Randolph County 
  3. Evan Elbon – Upshur County 

HVAC – Dakota Workman/Instructor 

Furnace Diagnostics – SECONDARY 

  1. Nicholas Ray – Upshur County 
  2. Matthew Adams – Upshur County 
  3. Logan Foltz – Barbour County 

Allied Health- Amie Hawkins/Instructor 

Medical Assisting – SECONDARY 

  1. Lauren Carpenter – Lewis County 

Allied Health – Medical Terminology – SECONDARY 

  1. Abby Kelley – Upshur County 
  2. Liz Ammons – Lewis County 

Allied Health – Medical Math SECONDARY 

  1. Jeffrey Mayle – Upshur County 
  2. Jacob Dodd – Upshur County 

Allied Health – First Aid/CPR – SECONDARY 

  1. Destinee Thomas – Upshur County 
  2. NinaMae Coberly – Upshur County 

Allied Health – Promotional Bulletin Board – SECONDARY 

  1. Faith Heater – Lewis County, Chloe Richards – Lewis County, and Katlyn Tenney – Upshur County 

Allied Health – Chapter Display – SECONDARY 

  1. Shaelin Smith – Lewis County, Grace Snider – Upshur County, and Leah Watson – Lewis County 

Therapeutic Services – Jill Weese/Instructor 


  1. Lillian Willits – Upshur County 
  2. Landon Wiant – Upshur County 
  3. Hannah Runyon – Upshur County 

Therapeutic Services – Medical Terminology – SECONDARY 

  1. Malia Bowers – Upshur County 
  2. Taylor Conrad – Lewis County 

Therapeutic Services – Nursing Assisting – SECONDARY 

  1. Mia Wooden – Upshur County 
  2. Peyton Butcher – Lewis County 
  3. Andrea Williams – Lewis County 

Computer Systems Repair Technology – Chad McKisic/Instructor 


  1. Miles Harman – Lewis County 
  2. Clay Bolyard – Barbour County 
  3. Joshua Johnston – Upshur County 

Computer Systems Repair Technology POST SECONDARY 

  1. Colin Heavner – Upshur County

WELDING TECHNOLOGY-Billy Poling/Instructor 


  1. Kayson Ball – Upshur County 
  2. Talon Thompson – Barbour County 
  3. Jeremy Streets – Upshur County 

Welding Technology Welding Fabrication – SECONDARY 

  1. Andrew Morris – Barbour County, Logan Shriver – Barbour County, and Taran Thomason – Barbour County 
  2. Daniel Boise – Barbour County, Isaac Thomas – Barbour County, and Jacob Hellems – Lewis County 
  3. Maggie Wyatt – Lewis County, Johnathan Davisson – Lewis County, and Zachary Woody – Lewis County 

Welding Technology – Trey Fulton/Instructor 


  1. Collin Daniels – Randolph County 

Welding Technology – Welding Fabrication – POST SECONDARY 

  1. Sydney Conniff – Barbour County, Matthew Matheney – Gilmer County, and Anthony Weir – Upshur County

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