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The new Endo Solutions location at 15 W. Main Street, across from the Upshur County Courthouse.
The new Endo Solutions location at 15 W. Main Street, across from the Upshur County Courthouse.

Endo Solutions opens CBD retail location on Main Street in Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON – Local CBD purveyor Endo Solutions has moved to a new location on Main Street, where they will offer a range of premium cannabinoid wellness products to local residents.

Endo Solutions is now open for business at their new location at 15 West Main Street; curbside pickup is offered as well.

Owner Tom Thacker said downtown Buckhannon is the perfect place for a CBD retail location, and he hopes the increased visibility will convince more people to give CBD a try.

“For a long time, I thought Main Street would be a really good fit, but nothing was available, and if it was, it wasn’t really in our price range,” Thacker said.

Previously located in Tennerton, Endo Solutions wanted to offer easier access and curbside pickup for their customers, many of whom have turned to CBD to help with various health problems.

“I was really worried about many of our customers,” Thacker said. “Some have a hard time getting in and out of their vehicle, so we had to offer curbside. This place is also handicap accessible.”

The store’s most popular items include CBD oil, gummies, capsules and vaping products.

“A lot of people like the capsules, because they last longer,” Thacker said. “With vaping or smoking, CBD is effective within seconds. The capsules and the gummies sometimes take half an hour, 45 minutes, or even a couple of hours to really be effective for some people, but they last longer.”

He said CBD can be used to help treat several ailments, including anxiety and inflammation.

“Usually — not always, but usually — CBD has a profound effect,” Thacker said. “It really is amazing stuff. Whether it’s pain through arthritis or anxiety, there’s just a ton of things that it helps with, for most people.”

He explained that the difference between CBD and marijuana is the THC level, which causes most of marijuana’s psychological effects.

“It’s essentially the same plant, cannabis,” Thacker said. “It was called hemp for hundreds of years, and cannabis, depending on your language, but the only thing that distinguishes it now is the difference between Delta-9-THC, which has to be .3 percent or less to be hemp. Once it goes over that, it becomes marijuana.

“That’s the scientific and the DEA’s definition, but for most people, the difference is that hemp won’t get you high.”

Thacker hopes the new location will encourage people to try CBD and support a local business.

“We’re going to hopefully get more people in the door being down here,” Thacker said. “With more foot traffic, people will be curious and say, ‘Hey, we have a CBD place here? I don’t have to order online anymore? I can shop right here.”’

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