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Davis Medical Center
Davis Medical Center in Elkins

Davis Medical Center Lifeskills program earns recognition from the American Diabetes Association

ELKINS, W.Va. – Davis Medical Center’s Lifeskills program has earned recognition from the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Education Recognition Program (ERP). 

The mission of the DMC Lifeskills program is to help patients with lifestyle skills that manage their diabetes diagnosis. Lifeskills offers comprehensive group self-management training.

A referral from a primary care physician is needed, and can be facilitated by the DMC Diabetes Education program by calling 304.637.3343. 

The ADA’s Education Recognition Certificate assures that the DMC Lifeskills educational services meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES). The ERP promotes quality Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) for people with diabetes by certifying that services adhere to the National Standards for DSMES. Services certified by the ADA’s ERP program offer a staff of knowledgeable health professionals who can provide participants with comprehensive information about diabetes management. Services apply for recognition voluntarily, and ADA-ERP recognition lasts for four years.

“We applaud DMC Lifeskills for its commitment to providing high-quality, evidence-based education and support for people with diabetes by meeting the National Standards for DSME/S and earning the ADA’s ERP recognition,” said Linda Cann, MSEd, the ADA’s senior vice president of professional services.

Nearly half of American adults have diabetes or prediabetes; more than 30 million adults and children have diabetes. Each day, more than 4,110 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes.

If you are interested in the LifeSkills program, call a Certified Diabetes Educator at DMC at 304.637.3343 or 304.637.3173.

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