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Commission begins search for consulting firm to create a master plan for future recreational complex

BUCKHANNON – The Upshur County Commission has started the search for a planning and design firm to create a master plan for a future recreational complex.

The commission approved a Request for Qualifications during their Nov. 10 meeting. The master plan will create a roadmap for the county’s future recreational complex on the 70.87 acres of land donated by the J.F. Allen Company. The commission will accept proposals until 4 p.m. Dec. 9 and all proposals will be reviewed at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Dec. 15.

Upshur County Commission president Kristie Tenney announced the endowment during the Oct. 27 commission meeting.

“We are very humbled and yet honored to share with you today that the J.F. Allen Company has so graciously donated property to the Upshur County commission where we will be utilizing this incredible opportunity to construct a recreational complex for all ages,” Tenney said. “On behalf of the Upshur County Commission, I would just like to take a moment to share our sincere thanks to John C. Allen, the J.F. Allen Company, the Board of Directors and Greg Hodjis for the overwhelmingly generous donation they have bestowed to Upshur County.”

The property is located directly across from Red Rock Road along Old Route 33, and the commission has a vision for the property that includes several athletic fields and potentially an indoor facility.

“We need to see how much useable land we have and what we’re capable of doing there, but ultimately it would be a lot of fields for the different organizations that we currently have in Upshur County — football, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, we’d like to incorporate it all,” Nolte said. “We would like to build an indoor facility so everyone can have somewhere to go year-round.”

The Request for Qualifications, which may be viewed here, says services sought may include but aren’t limited to “assistance in developing a plan for future use of the grounds, preparation of construction plans and specifications, bidding and contracting services, construction administration services and construction observation services.”

In other Upshur County Commission news:

  • The commissioners also discussed a potential property acquisition in a lengthy executive session. Commissioners were not at liberty to discuss the potential acquisition but confirmed it was not connected to the property donated by J.F. Allen.
  • The commission approved and signed the 22-JAG-34 Grant Contract Agreement, Resolution, Certifications and Standard Conditions and Assurances. The grant award is in the sum of $18,750 to be used to support the position of the Prevention Resource Officer assigned to Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School.
  • The commission approved the advertisement for a part-time maintenance/groundskeeper position for the Upshur County Youth Camp Facility. Applications are due no later than close of business Friday Dec. 9, 2022.

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