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Candidacy Announcement: Laura Foulks for Buckhannon City Council

Editor’s note: This post was submitted by the candidateTo introduce local candidates to My Buckhannon readers, each could email us one free candidacy announcement/biography for publication by March 31, 2024. Read our full election guidelines by clicking here.

I am dedicated to improving Buckhannon’s well-being. 

I hope to inspire others to join me in making a positive change for Buckhannon. My vision is to bring peace, prosperity, equality, and transparency to town. 

It is so important for us to listen to and understand the thoughts and considerations of all residents, students, and workers. Through acceptance, tolerance, and compassion, we can achieve a harmonious and inclusive community. 

My focus is to aim at revitalizing the local economy, supporting struggling businesses, and creating opportunities for our residents in a fair and equal manner. 

I am a parent of two grown children, who both, amongst so many others from our families, have left Buckhannon. We are closing the doors to our businesses and pushing our residents out. 

We have to come together and begin working on our town’s character. 

We need to combat the local racism, hypocrisy, and religious bigotry that is turning our town from a place of envy to a backward dump.  We need to hold Buckhannon’s Board of Education accountable for the wasteful, hidden spending of our children’s educational funds. 

With my experience in both education and entrepreneurship, as well as leadership in my current position at work, I will continue to show my passion for serving Buckhannon. 

I am committed to creating a community where we celebrate our shared humanity and allow peace and prosperity to flourish. 

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