Candidacy Announcement: Doug Bush for Upshur County Commissioner

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I am Doug Bush, your Upshur County Commissioner, running to complete the term created by the untimely passing of the honorable Terry Cutright. Terry’s experience and knowledge of local government have been tough to match. Many of his initiatives continue today. Since September 2022, it has been my goal to learn, listen, and cooperate in making the transition smooth.

The current Commission has been very successful with one accomplishment after another: the purchase of voting machines, repairing and upgrading the courthouse dome, enhancing courthouse security, upgrading the accessible exterior lift, enhancements to our libraries, updates to the Youth Camp, helping build the training facility for our fire department, improving our county website and working with the City of Buckhannon on multiple issues, including plans for promoting public safety.

We have also collaborated to improve the wages and benefits for all county employees, upgraded the Lewis Upshur Animal Control Facility, including the surgical unit, purchased property for future development, received property for future development specifically for our youth, and completed normal commission duties and business. Some of these projects were started earlier than my tenure but needed continued nurturing and development.

Being a commissioner demands a wide variety of skills and talents. A county commissioner handles the county’s business. That business includes being a leader, a communicator, and a representative at the State level, promoting Upshur County. As a commissioner, we need to look at the future and continually look for ways to improve ourselves and our county.

I grew up on a small farm near Teter as one of five children raised by parents the late Roy and Judy Bush. My parents set the foundation of working hard for success. My father worked to provide for the family, while my mother ruled the home. We raised a huge garden. We were expected to plant, maintain, harvest, feed the animals, and do our chores without an allowance or an argument.

After work, time was made at the end of the day to play whatever sport that was in season. The field was converted to a football field, the barn loft was changed to a basketball court, haystacks were used for high jumping, and the sheds stored the weights and conditioning equipment. Athletics would continue to help guide and enrich my life. At B-UHS, I would letter and start in two sports, football and basketball, my Junior and Senior years. I played for legendary coaches Granville Zopp and Jim Marsh.

After high school, I played for four years as a scholarship basketball player at Alderson Broaddus College and was elected Captain of the team in 1982.

After B-UHS graduation in 1978, I got my BS in Education from Alderson Broaddus College in 1982, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Salem Teikyo University in 1994, and additional graduate hours in Safety Management and Athletic Training from WVU. After graduation I would spend a 30-year career teaching and coaching in Barbour and Upshur County schools.

I taught American History and World History in high school, and I would finish in Upshur County as an itinerant Physical Education teacher. I was awarded Teacher of the Year honors in 2007-2008 from Rock Cave Elementary and in 2015-2016 from Hodgesville Elementary School. As a coach, I spent most of my time as a head basketball coach but assisted in football as well.

In Upshur County I worked with Stockert Youth to help revitalize and invigorate a youth basketball program. Stockert Youth recognized my efforts with an Award of Appreciation in 2010. I retired from teaching and coaching to be elected as a Supervisor for the Tygart Valley Conservation District, serving as Vice Chair and Education Chair. As Education Chair, I authored recognition and education articles in regional newspapers for District, County Farms of the Year and Century Farms.

I have been married to Ann Trainer for over 38 years. We have two amazing daughters, Katie (Joshua) Henzler and Karoline (Tyler) Sturm, and four grandchildren. Our farm, Ledge Rock Farm, is located near Hall, where we cut quality hay, manage our forests, and enjoy the recreation it provides. We are active members in our church, Bethany Baptist Church, in Hall.

I am dedicated to our county and to its citizens. I am County Commissioner Doug Bush asking for your vote of support on May 14th.

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