Buying a home is hard. The nonprofit HomeOwnership Center can help.

ELKINS – The HomeOwnership Center stands beside West Virginia residents through the entire home buying process, from improving your credit score to securing financing to making repairs once the purchase is complete.

As a nonprofit organization, the HomeOwnership Center has helped more than 1,100 individuals and families become homeowners across West Virginia.

“About 95% of our customers are first-time homebuyers, and it is incredibly satisfying when we help a family who never thought they would be able to buy a home become homeowners,” said Kate Somers, HomeOwnership Center Executive Director. “Getting to share in a little bit of the happiness and pride that these families feel when they get the keys to their own home is really the best part of our work.”

Since its establishment in 1998, the HomeOwnership Center has seen a significant change in the home buying process as it has become more automated and online. However, HOC experts value their ability to meet with customers and stand by their side through the duration of this challenging but exciting process.

“Fewer and fewer home buyers visit their local bank and get a local loan,” Somer said. “When so much is online and automated, it is even more important to know what you are doing, so it is good to have someone like HOC’s Home Ownership Advisor help prepare you to navigate the process with confidence. Or, if you are looking for a more personal experience, we are glad that we can offer local service with very competitive loan options while being that local expert who can walk through the entire process at your side.”

Sarah Goodrich, HOC Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, said the nonprofit’s mission is to not only get families into their dream home but prepare them for success as homeowners. This is accomplished through a variety of services and educational opportunities provided by highly trained and certified staff:

  • Down Payment Assistance Program: Depending on the customer’s credit score, HOC can lend up to $20,000 for the closing costs or down payment on a home.
  • Traditional and Specialty Loans: These loans are available to all income levels.
  • USDA Loans: HOC may be able to get a customer a home without a down payment (although other costs may apply) if an applicant’s desired home is in a rural area of West Virginia. This specific loan has flexible credit standards and reserves are not required.
  • Home Improvement Loans: HOC can help a homeowner complete most home projects. HOC Home Improvement Loans can be used for any home improvement project except to install or repair a pool, hot tub/jacuzzi or patio; landscaping projects; or to install or repair a detached storage building.
  • Credit Advising: This service is a great resource for individuals who would like a better understanding of their credit report or need tips on how to boost their credit score. Through these confidential sessions, customers will leave with an action plan on how they can start making smart financial decisions.

Through these services, customers can gain confidence in the home buying process. Whether you are an experienced or first-time homebuyer, the HomeOwnership Center staff is trained to help find the best home for you.

If you are ready to turn the key to your forever home, HomeOwnership Center is here to help. To start a home buying journey, please visit their website and click the “Get Started” tab or stop by the office to pick up a Paper Intake Form. Questions about HOC services? Call 304-636-9115 or visit the office at 2276 Randolph Ave in Elkins.

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