Gavin Keigley at Buckhannon Toyota
Gavin Keigley at Buckhannon Toyota

Meet the Buckhannon native who is changing the way cars are sold

BUCKHANNON – Gavin Keigley brings a warm personal touch that only a Buckhannon native can as he helps get local residents on the road at Buckhannon Toyota.

What makes Keigley stand out is his commitment to forging personal connections that last long after a new car owner drives off the lot. The key to that strong client-salesman relationship is honest, open communication and following up on any additional questions buyers may have even after the sale is complete.

“I hope that it comes as a warm experience, that customers leave feeling knowledgeable, from the financial end to all the bells and whistles of the car,” said Keigley, a sales and lease consultant at Buckhannon Toyota. “I really reassure them that if you need any help, I’m here — this is how to contact me. I want to make customers feel like they have a lot more in the purchase than just buying the car.” 

Through conversations about customer needs and wants in a vehicle, work life and hobbies, Keigley can tailor a customer’s experience in finding the perfect vehicle that is versatile to meet all on- and off-road capabilities. 

“I try to ask a lot of questions about things before we sit down and look at numbers for a certain car,” Keigley said. “If I can ask you three more questions and find that this vehicle isn’t the one to meet your needs, it saves time in the process and things go smoothly.” 

After purchase, customers can expect Keigley to continue to stand by as a representative for vehicle information and to answer any additional questions. He can also aid in scheduling services at Buckhannon Toyota.  

As a Buckhannon native, Keigley can connect with customers through on-the-road experiences across the Mountain State because he, too, has driven on those same roads. Keigley is not only a representative of Buckhannon Toyota as an employee, but through his personal life as well. He is the proud owner of a 2021 Toyota 4-Runner. 

“I’m very happy with the vehicle,” he said. “It’s performed over-the-top and gives me personal stories to talk about and relate with people looking to buy a vehicle.” 

With the holidays just around the corner, Keigley foresees December as a busy month at Buckhannon Toyota. 

“Buckhannon Toyota is going to be selling a ton in December because that’s a pretty good month for us,” Keigley said. “They’ll be cutting some solid deals.”

As the holidays draw closer, make an appointment with Gavin today. Customers can stop by and see him at Buckhannon Toyota, 63 Brushy Fork Road in Buckhannon. Follow Gavin’s frequent vehicle sales and customer reviews on his Facebook page. That could easily be you, so make the call to schedule an appointment with Gavin today at 304-997-5326.  

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