Broaddus’ Senior Life Solutions program selected as LEAD Training Site

Philippi, West Virginia – Broaddus Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions program was selected to be a LEAD training site by Psychiatric Medical Care, which has more than 250 hospital and health system partnerships across the country.

Senior Life Solutions are hospital-based programs designed to support the mental health of older adults (typically 65 and older) who experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. LEAD sites provide interactive training for new program staff, focusing on Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, and Development. All staff have completed training specific to hosting new employees in their region, providing them guidance and instruction, and modeling a clinically compliant Senior Life Solutions program. To qualify as a LEAD site a program must demonstrate a continued commitment to Psychiatric Medical Care’s values: care, compliance, and community. Staff at these programs have created a positive work environment and achieved excellent patient outcomes.

LEAD site programs are compliant with all required reports, hold regular treatment team meetings, and provide routine community education opportunities about the importance of mental health.

“Donetta and her team at Broaddus Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions program have demonstrated their commitment to healthcare excellence”, said JD Frattini, Regional Director. “As a LEAD Training site, they’ll now be able to share their experience and commitment to providing outstanding care to emerging programs around the country”.

Broaddus Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions program includes an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who provide medication management, therapy and focus on the development of healthy coping skills, community resources, and guidance in managing all aspects of aging. This team is led by Donetta McVicker BSN, RN, program director and medical director and board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Lauren DeMarco.

Anyone can make a referral to the program, including family members, healthcare providers or individuals in need of mental health support. For more information or questions about the Senior Life Solutions program please call (304) 457-8132.

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