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Bottoms up! Brokz Beer Garden is back in time for the Strawberry Festival

BUCKHANNON – What’s better than sampling strawberry shortcake and chowing down on a freshly made steak and cheese hoagie? Not much — but chilling with a pint of freshly poured beer amidst all the hubbub comes pretty close.

Local business owner Travis Foster has announced that Brokz Beer Garden will be back again this year May 18-20 of the 81st West Virginia Strawberry Festival. Brokz Beer Garden will be located in a fenced-off area in Trader’s Alley, across from the Buckhannon Post Office and behind the Foster’s Marketing Group building. Hours of operation are set for 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. but are subject to change, weather pending.

“We are planning on having the beer garden open Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the festival behind the Foster’s Marketing Group building in Trader’s Alley,” Foster said.

“There’s going to be one point of entry, and there will be live music,” Foster said. “It will be beer only and pet-friendly. We’ll have food available, games and patio furniture to sit on and we’re looking at sun shades.”

Foster said it’s the ideal place to catch your breath during all the strawberry-themed hustle and bustle.

“It’s going to be perfect for someone who wants to come down to a calm, cool place and just enjoy themselves,” he said.

Foster plans to reopen Brokz Beer Garden June 9-10 and then again June 16-17 during the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash. He’s currently working on a schedule for possible beer garden events in July and August and is offering up the space to civic, athletic and nonprofit groups of all sorts who have approached him for financial donations. If they staff the event, they will receive part of the proceeds, he said.

“I have run into a lot of people wanting me to donate money to their groups, and what I’m doing is saying, ‘Hey, why don’t you come in and staff a beer garden event?’ and then I will give them a percentage of the profit,” Foster said. “That way, they’re coming in to work for it, rather than me just writing them a check.”

Foster said he’ll have an in-house crew to oversee the operation of the beer garden, and interested groups would simply be serving beer and cleaning up.

“If you or your group is looking for a fundraiser or a sponsorship, please contact us,” he said. “The more diverse groups, the better. That way, the groups can make much more money than I would feel comfortable donating.”

Contact Brokz Beer Garden to schedule a fundraising event by calling 1-800-633-9266.

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