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‘Boo at the B-U Zoo’ offers youth a chance to meet unique animals decked out in their Halloween costumes

BUCKHANNON – Members of the B-U Zoo are raising funds by dressing up some of their animals and handing out candy this Halloween.

The B-U Zoo is a class students can take at Buckhannon-Upshur High School as a zoology course. Bridgette Tenney, zoology and biology teacher at Buckhannon-Upshur High School, said the course teaches students about different species of animals, characteristics of animals, animal husbandry and different careers that involve animals.

On Halloween, Tuesday, Oct. 31, the B-U Zoo is hosting an event called ‘Boo at the B-U Zoo,’ which runs from 4 to 8 p.m. in the B-UHS parking lot and costs $5 per car.

“We have two events coming up; the Halloween event is going have the animals in the loop at the high school where people can drive through, pay $5 per car, and we’ll give them candy and let them see the animals,” Tenney said. “We have a big event on Nov. 11 behind the high school, where we’re going to have petting zoo animals there. We’re going to have horseback riding; we’re going to have cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, goats – things like that.”

Tenney said games and activities for kids, as well as a concession stand, will be set up.

Students take the animals from the B-U Zoo to different schools in the Upshur County area and teach them about the animals while offering different crafts and activities.

“All the funds raised go toward taking care of the animals – their vet bills, their food bills and enrichment for the animals, so basically, general care, and then we also provide crafts when we go to the elementary schools, so we try to fundraise and pay for as many of our own crafts as we can,” Tenney said. “It used to be me that covered all those expenses, but we have raised more funds recently.”

The Halloween event will feature different animals from the zoo in costumes and the debut of some new animals.

“We have a new ball python, Percy, and we hatched him in the classroom last year, so he hatched on May 3, and then now he’s here with us,” Tenney said. “We also have a new chinchilla. All the animals that tolerate their costumes will have them on; I think that we also have a wolf-dog that is going to participate now, so she’s going to be the big bad wolf.”

Another fundraising event will also take place in January called the ‘Feast with the Beasts.’

“It’ll be a spaghetti dinner where the animals come around to the tables, and my students will introduce all of them, and then afterward, you can wash your hands, see the animals, get your picture taken with them and spend some quality time with them,” Tenney said.

More information and future events with the B-U Zoo can be found on their Facebook page.

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