Addison Schrock

Addison Schrock named 2024 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion Child

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital patient Addison Schrock, 10, of Acme, Pennsylvania, has been named the 2024 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion Child for West Virginia.

Addison’s story began at age 2, when she faced chronic kidney problems. From ages 2 to 6, Addison was in and out of the hospital with frequent infections. Her world was full of hospital visits and uncertainty, yet her resilience shone, and her smile never faded.

As Addison grew, so did her challenges. In the summer of 2021, at the age of 8, she and her family enjoyed activities at the local fair. But that night, something was wrong. Addison seemed to experience what her parents, Marcus and Christa Schrock, thought were night terrors. The terrors came every 45-minutes, so her parents took her to a children’s hospital in Pennsylvania. There, Addison was mistakenly diagnosed with panic attacks.

The Schrocks had planned a trip to the beach two days later and thought the family time, sunshine, and beach would be healing for Addison. So, they decided to keep their plans.

As they drove, Addison’s symptoms worsened. Her eyes became dilated. She was shaking and talking nonsense. Marcus and Christa knew their daughter, and they sensed these weren’t panic attacks. It looked like Addison was having seizures.

When they arrived at the beach, they decided to take her to the emergency room (ER). But there, doctors told them to take Addison back to the hospital that did the initial assessment. Given Addison’s condition and the frequency of her episodes, the family knew there wasn’t enough time to do that. So, they worked with the ER doctors, who finally ordered an MRI. The results were shocking: cortical dysplasia, a common cause of epilepsy and seizures.

Her parents’ unwavering advocacy led them to take Addison to WVU Medicine Children’s. After the long drive back from the beach to Morgantown, the family was met by doctors and nurses ready to help.

The medical team quickly administered treatments, including IV medications and an extensive neuro MRI. Doctors, deeply concerned, personally delivered the MRI results. Together, they and her parents made a vital decision to perform surgery. Despite complications like cerebrospinal fluid leaks and numerous seizures, the skilled medical team provided hope with a successful surgical procedure and continuous care.

“This hospital means everything to us. It means a fair chance at a life that our daughter deserves and the care she needs,” Christa said.

“At WVU Medicine Children’s, you’re never alone. We are so grateful, so beyond grateful, for everyone who’s played such a huge role in our lives. The doctors, surgeons, nurses, cafeteria staff, gift shop staff, and so many others touched our lives in endless ways.”

Now, as the 2024 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion Child for West Virginia, Addison is a beacon of hope and courage. Her story isn’t just about overcoming illness; it’s about the power of love, the strength of family, and the miracles that can happen when determination meets the best of healthcare.

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