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Rhett Dusenbury, district rep for Congressman Alex Mooney presents county commissioner Sam Nolte a letter congratulating him on his success in running and owning Sam's Pizza for the past 30 years.

Rep. Alex Mooney congratulates Sam Nolte on 30-year anniversary of Sam’s Pizza

BUCKHANNON – Sam’s Pizza’s success over the past three decades has garnered the attention of West Virginia’s Second Congressional District Representative.

Rep. Alex Mooney, R-2, sent a letter to Upshur County Commissioner and Sam’s Pizza owner Sam Nolte, congratulating him on running and owning Sam’s Pizza for 30 years.

Rhett Dusenbury, district representative for Mooney, presented the letter from Mooney to Nolte during the Feb. 25 Upshur County Commission meeting.

“Sam’s Pizza is not only a culinary destination in the area, but it has also had a long history of being one of the anchors of the community because of Sam and his family,” the letter said. “The business has not only provided the public with a dependable standard in food, but also provided much-needed jobs for people in Upshur County.”

Mooney praised Nolte for being a good example and inspiring people to start their own businesses.

“Your courage and hard work in operating a small business directly helps your community by not only providing jobs, but also by being a model that many will look to as they themselves think about taking their own ideas and turning them into a business,” the letter continued. “The efficient operation of your business has also allowed you the opportunity to contribute to the community as a public servant, member of numerous advisory boards and even allowed you time to coach youth soccer.”

Mooney congratulated Nolte and wished him years of success.

“I commend you for taking the path less chosen and turning your dreams into a reality that not only benefits you and your family, but the community,” Mooney wrote. “I hope that your business continues to grow and thrive in the years to come.”

In other news, the commission received two bids for a special service vehicle, one from Jenkins Ford in the amount of $39,218 and the second was from Elkins Fordland for $39,000.

Upshur County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Mike Coffman said they would recommend taking the bid from Jenkins Ford.

“There was a $218 difference in the bid from Elkins Ford and Jenkins Ford, Jenkins being the higher one, but Jenkins’ bid includes a $110 option, which is also on the sheriff’s car that was just purchased,” Coffman said. “It’s the reversing system, the backup system that beeps and indicates if something’s behind them, that’s a $110 option so that puts the difference down to about $108 difference.”

Prior to adjourning, the commission also:

  • Approved an application for community use of buildings, equipment and grounds filed by Aaron and Tasha Harris on behalf of the Tri-County Champion Drive Sale. This organization is requesting use of the 4-H/FFA Pavilion on Saturday, April 24 to conduct a livestock sale for local producers.
  • Approved a correspondence request from Sheriff Virgil Miller requesting the employment of Kirsten D. Howes as tax deputy, effective March 1.
  • Approved a correspondence request from Miller requesting the transfer of Russ Warner from fill-in court security officer to part-time court security officer, effective March 1.

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