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Most frequent questions and answers

My Buckhannon is part of My Town, WV — a 100% local online newspaper that brings residents of the Mountain State local stories that matter. Our experienced journalists are out in the community every day working to bring you comprehensive coverage and timely news updates.

Heck no! We are 100 percent locally owned and operated. Your money stays in the community, supporting other local businesses and organizations. Our core team is from right here in West Virginia. We grew up here, went to school here and have chosen to make our homes here.

All the information that you submit is 100% encrypted and processed by one of the largest payment processors in the world. We work hard to protect your data!

We do not have a print publication. My Town, WV uses an online-only format to ensure the best local news is always with you, just a click or a tap away. 

Monthly memberships come with a one-month free trial. After the trial period ends, you will automatically be billed at the regular rate. You can cancel anytime.

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