The Bacteria Busters team uses medical-grade disinfection solutions to help keep homes and offices germ-free.
The Bacteria Busters team uses medical-grade disinfection solutions to help keep homes and offices germ-free.

Have a Healthy Holiday: Bacteria Busters offering 50% discount through Thanksgiving

BUCKHANNON – Stressed about how to cope with the holidays given the current social distancing protocols in place?

Well, if you’ve made the choice to celebrate Thanksgiving with an in-person gathering, Bacteria Busters of West Virginia is here to help ease your mind by supplying the cleanest possible environment.

The premiere provider of interior and exterior disinfection services for homes and businesses in north-central West Virginia, Bacteria Busters is a mobile medical-grade disinfection service which can kill not only the COVID-19 virus but also the flu and a slew of other viral and bacterial infections.

Bacteria Busters Flu Stats

Owner Travis Foster said the business is now offering a holiday package featuring preventative cleaning for half the cost. That’s right: Bacteria Busters will come to your home or business and clean it before your family members arrive, and what’s more, you’ll receive a discounted second disinfection service after their departure, and Bacteria Busters will clean your vehicles for free.

“Due to the rise in Upshur County and surrounding counties, we’re going to offer a 50 percent off residential and commercial special for any customers for the week of Thanksgiving,” Foster said. “We wanted to offer this special now due to the upcoming flu season and area spikes in COVID-19. The biggest concern was to make these treatments available to everybody at a cheap price so they can enjoy their family in the safest environment possible if they have decided to celebrate in person.”

“With flu season coming up, it was just an opportunity for us to give back,” he added. “As West Virginians, we’re all about our holidays – gathering, eating and spending time with family – and it’s important that we’re able to obtain that to the greatest degree possible during these times. COVID-19 has really messed up a lot of families and a lot of relationships – it’s created many tough situations.”  

Call 304-439-1032 now through Nov. 21 to schedule a preventative service, but don’t wait too long because Bacteria Busters only has slots for the first 100 customers. Cleanings will be offered Nov. 22-25 – right in time for the turkey.

Travis Foster
Travis Foster

So, what, exactly, does Bacteria Busters offer?

Based in Buckhannon, Bacteria Busters is a complete mobilized disinfection service with two main options available 24/7: a positive testing environment ‘shock treatment’ and a preventative treatment. While they’re both dry-mist fogs that don’t require any wiping down, the ‘shock treatment’ has a six-kill log, meaning it kills 99.9999 percent of germs, including ones that cause C-difficile, E. Coli, H1N1, MRSA, HIV and more, Foster said.

Meanwhile, the preventative treatment has a five-kill log, which means it kills 99.999 percent of viruses and bacteria.      

“The formulas we have kill not only COVID-19, but also the flu, ringworm, MRSA, C. difficile, E. Coli, HIV and more,” Foster said. “Essentially, our aim is to provide disinfection services that fit the specific needs of our customers, whatever the environment. Our services are cultivated to meet people’s needs while providing the peace of mind that comes with a cleaner, healthier environment.”

According to Foster, each year, seasonal influenza exacts a substantial toll on society in terms of economic and social losses, and now with COVID-19 impacting workplaces and the general public, the situation is even worse.

However, an effective cleaning and disinfection program can substantially reduce the spread of COVID-19, various strains of influenza, the common cold and other infectious diseases, and, in turn, reduce the economic and social costs associated with these illnesses.

“In effect, a modest investment in an effective cleaning regimen provides a valuable return in terms of improved human health, enhanced quality of the indoor environment, reduced economic losses and increased productivity,” Foster said.

That’s where Bacteria Busters comes in – it helps prevent absenteeism from work and schools and consequently decreases health-related lost productive time, or LPT.

But that’s not all the ‘Busters’ offer: Foster said the business is readying to roll out hand sanitizer temperature check machines that may be stationed at the entrance to a storefront and/or throughout a business. Offering a two-for-one benefit, the machines do hand temperature checks and subsequently give a greenlight or a red light to the person – indicating whether they are permitted in the premises – prior to distributing hand sanitizer.

They can also assist companies, nonprofits and other institutions with developing a cleaning schedule and utilizing CARES Act funds to pay for disinfection treatments.

For more information, visit or to schedule an appointment today, call 304-439-1032 or email

Bacteria Busters Thanksgiving Special
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