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Sisters and B-UHS students Charitty Boyles and Brittany Boyles decorated Prevention Resource Officer Cpl. Rocky Hebb's cruiser with colorful balloons in a gesture of gratitude. The two sisters said Hebb had been a stellar listener, role model and source of support for them during the 2018-2019 school year.

B-UHS students deck out PRO officer Cpl. Rocky Hebb’s cruiser to express appreciation for his support

TENNERTON — Charitty Boyles and Brittany Boyles — sisters and Buckhannon-Upshur High School students — pulled off a successful senior prank Thursday.

They decorated the police cruiser belonging to Cpl. Rocky Hebb of the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department with colorful balloons.

One of the balloons attached to Cpl. Rocky Hebb’s cruiser last week during senior prank day.

But although siblings, along with friends, Shyla Duke and Jessica Linger, did the decorating as a prank, the gratitude behind the gesture was anything but a joke.

In addition to balloons scotch-taped on the cruiser, there were notes attached.

One said, “You ROCK(Y)!” while another, more poignant one read, “Thank you for making my high school life better, Brittany.”

Hebb is the Prevention Resource Officer at B-UHS and as such, frequently lends a listening ear to students who are struggling with issues at school or home. Many teachers and administrators have stated publicly that students often feel more comfortable talking with Hebb and other PRO officers than educators.

That turned out to be true in the case of the Boyles sisters, senior Brittany Boyles said.

“I’ve had a rough year, and Rocky’s been there for us a lot, so we thought, ‘let’s get him.’ Everyone’s doing a senior prank. Well, me and Shyla are seniors and today might be my last day here. So I asked my sister, ‘Hey Charitty, do you want to come and help?’ and she said yes, so we decorated it.”

Cpl. Rocky Hebb’s cruiser adorned with balloons and thank-you notes at the end of the school day, Thursday, May 9.

“He’s there for students that are struggling real bad,” Brittany added. “Me and my sister [were going through some hard times], and he was the only one that understood us.”

“He listened to us more than anybody,” Charitty, a junior, said.

Shyla Duke, Brittany Boyles and Cpl. Rocky Hebb.
Shyla Duke, Brittany Boyles and Cpl. Rocky Hebb.

According to the girls, Hebb had caught them decorating his cruiser when they were halfway finished.

“He was like, ‘what are you all doing?'” Brittany said, with a laugh. “And I said, ‘just let us finish,’ and he said, ‘OK, sure,’ so we got to finish it.”

Another balloon taped to Hebb’s cruiser.

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