Photos courtesy Courtney Page and Tyler St. Clair

A new app, a new store and a New Year: Stone Tower Brews’ business is booming heading into 2022

BUCKHANNON – Stone Tower Brews in Buckhannon and Bridgeport are celebrating the holiday spirit with winter-themed drinks.

Manager of the Buckhannon Stone Tower Brews Tyler St. Clair said the Main Street location will have the winter mint mocha, the silent night fog, snickerdoodle cheesecake and gingerbread latte.

“Peanut butter fudge will be on the menu again and we are working on wassail cider, which is a fall/Christmas cider,” St. Clair said. “It’s mixed with pineapple juice, orange juice, fresh apples, cloves, cinnamon sticks and apple cider.”

Manager of the Bridgeport Stone Tower Brews Courtney Page said they will also offer smoked butterscotch latte. The Bridgeport location officially opened its doors Oct. 24 and Page said it’s been very busy since.

“It’s been really good — really smooth,” Page said. “We got a brand-new staff and they caught on really quickly/ I think they’re doing really well, it’s been pretty busy, so no complaints.”

The food menus at both locations are exactly the same and the latte menu will stay fairly similar, but the Bridgeport location has two more taps for beer and a larger beer cooler.

“We’re waiting on an industrial waffle maker to be delivered, and once it’s delivered, we will have waffle weekends,” Page said. “After that happens, we’ll have the same waffles at both locations every weekend. Right now, we’re doing a variety of breakfast specials just to fill that brunch gap on weekends.”

Stone Tower in Bridgeport also started a partnership with My Little Cupcake to provide their baked goods.

“Our baked goods at each location will also be different because we start our partnership with My Little Cupcake soon, so we’re really excited about that,” Page said. “We love working with different local, small businesses.”

Most of Stone Tower Brews’ baked goods in Buckhannon are supplied by Dough Re Mi.

On top of the new location, Stone Tower Brews also launched a new app in August.

“When I was in between stores, I had some free time, so that’s when we really started locking down the app, uploading all the pictures, making sure that all the food items had all the modifiers and everything they needed, so that it would run smoothly,” Page said. “We started testing it out amongst the staff and amongst regulars, to make sure it was operating well before we officially launched, but I think we’re going full force with it at this point.”

Page said the app makes it easy to order food at either location and pay in advance, so customers don’t have to wait in line.

“It’s super easy, and it has location services, so when you go into the app, it pairs you to whichever location you’re closest to, so if I’m up at Bridgeport, it brings me up to the Bridgeport store,” Page said. “You just select your store and then you can go in and you can order food off our entire menu.”

St. Clair said it also helps customers know when their order will be ready.

“It gives you the option to have your order ready as soon as possible or you can choose a time, so that helps us to because we can adjust that based on what’s going on in the shop,” St. Clair said. “The standard wait time is usually 15 or 20, but if we get an order with 10 items, that will automatically adjust the time from the kitchen so everyone will be able to handle it.”

The app can be found in the App store or via the Google Play Store.

STB’s gingerbread latte / Photo courtesy Courtney Page and Tyler St. Clair

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