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A local agent is here to help you make the most of this year’s Medicare Enrollment Period

BUCKHANNON – Forget the 1-800 number! Jeff Barnhart, a local agent, will be available at Buckhannon Walmart to answer Medicare Health Plan questions and assist the community during the annual Medicare Enrollment Period that begins Saturday, October 15 and concludes on Wednesday, December 7. 

“There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to Medicare,” Barnhart said. “Meeting with somebody face-to-face versus calling an 800 number gives them quality recommendations. I’m local. Local representation adds value to what we’re doing.” 

Based on their current prescription medications and other factors, Barnhart will assist clients in choosing the best plan for them through a Needs Analysis. He suggests bringing a list of medications as well as enrolling in Medicare Part A and B to get the ball rolling on this year’s enrollment process. 

Anyone who is turning 65 qualifies for the Initial Enrollment Period that spans from three months prior to their 65th birthday, the month of their birthday, and three months after their birthday to get enrolled. For those turning 65 later, who are about to retire or who are already enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare, Barnhart expressed that now is the time to see what’s available and make necessary changes to your plan. 

“Most of the seniors [in this area] are on a limited income,” he said. “It is very important to make sure they get the appropriate plan to help them by sitting down with them face-to-face and walking them through it to where they can understand it. There are other things that are available to them as well based on income levels. They may find out that they qualify for a Low-Income Subsidy which helps lower their costs altogether on prescription medication.” 

Barnhart noted that Medicare Health Plans have experienced changes this year. He encourages the community to stop by his table, say “Hello,” and learn if those changes had an effect on their coverage. 

“Now is the time to evaluate what you have. For someone who is currently on Medicare now, it’s time to make that change or to explore what is out there for them. Especially somebody who has a stand-alone prescription plan, this is the only time that they can make changes, between October 15 and December 7,” Barnhart said. 

Barnhart Financial Services will also soon host Medicare Enrollment Information Seminars. These seminars will be an opportunity for the community to learn more about the enrollment process, Medicare Health Plan options, plan changes and more. 

Sessions will be held at Best Western Plus located at 100 Lodgeville Road in Bridgeport on Wednesday, Oct. 19 and Wednesday, Nov. 30, free of charge. Both sessions will begin at 10 a.m. Pre-registration is not required. However, if desired, participants can RSVP by calling Jeff Barnhart at 304-459-2141 / TTY 711. 

Visit Jeff Barnhart of Barnhart Financial Services at Buckhannon Walmart – located at 100 Buckhannon Crossroads – Monday through Friday, with some Saturday availabilities. Enrollment hours may vary. A schedule of availability will be posted on the Barnhart Financial Services table within Buckhannon Walmart. 

Call 304-459-2141 / TTY 711 to schedule an appointment. Also follow Barnhart Financial Services on Facebook to learn more about Medicare Health Plans and Jeff’s availability during this year’s enrollment period.

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